Anak (2000)

The main character is a Filipina Overseas Contract Worker, one of the many residents of the archipelago who is forced to leave her family and take a higher paying job in a more prosperous Asian country. While she is working her employer refuses to let her take a vacation, nor does he deliver her mail to her. She is unaware, therefore, that her husband has died. When she finally returns to the Philippines she is met with resentment and hatred by her children. The movie studies how she overcomes these feelings and rebuilds the relationship with her family.


If you can understand the language, then you'll agree with me. Filipinos are really good when it comes to crying in movies. When Flips cry in movies they seem too real. They're not like most hollywood actors who don't know how to cry in a drama scene, case in point Hilary Duff's crying scene is Lizzie Mcguire made me wanna vomit. Anyways, this movie is so touching and dramatic. ANYONE can connect to this movie about relationships between a parent and child, or sibling and sibling. Whenever I watch this movie I always start crying ALOT. I can so connect to this. IN FACT, EVERYONE CAN. The actors potray the roles very GREATLY. It's so touching. It's so BEAUTIFUL. I recommend this to everyone. No movie has done that to me before. I always weep whenever I see this. It's so beautiful.