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Thread: The Grudge 2

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    The Grudge 2

    "SMG is back. Without giving anything away, we've all been pretty focused on making a sequel that has a strong raison d’etre - a second chapter to an evolving story, instead of a sequel that’s made just because the first one performed well," says Susco who's quite optimistic about G2's progress. "I think we’re making good strides towards that goal. Personally, I just want to make sure that it’s the kind of film that satisfies fans of the first one...and hopefully pulls in some new fans as well."
    Source: Movieweb.com

    The Grudge 2 is a sequel to 2004's The Grudge. It will be directed by Takashi Shimizu and written by Stephen Susco. On December 5, 2005 it was announced that Sarah Michelle Gellar will return to reprise her role as Karen Davis. All remaining cast members are currently unknown and will be selected in the upcoming weeks.

    Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
    The deadly curse continues to manifest itself in this sequel to The Grudge. Karen Davis the only survivor from the first film returns to once again expierence the power of the curse.
    Source: En.wikipedia.com

    Sarah Michelle Gellar on The Grudge 2: "Good question.
    I don't think they're anywhere near. I still can't
    figure out if I'm alive or dead. I'm still working
    that one out. Basically I only like to choose films
    that I don't understand. As long as they're greater
    than my mental capacity, I figure I gotta be doing
    something artful, right? Isn't that what makes
    something art when you don't understand it?"
    Source: CountingDown.com
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    The first one was lame and I really hope this second one will be better.

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    The first one was really good. You shouldn't judge if you haven't seen the originals.

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