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Thread: Memoirs of a Geisha - 12/9

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    Memoirs of a Geisha - 12/9

    PG-13 2 hr 16 mins Drama, Romance, Period

    From Hollywood.com

    In the years before World War II, a Japanese child is torn from her penniless family to work as a geisha house. Despite a treacherous rival who nearly breaks her spirit, the girl blossoms into the legendary geisha Sayuri. Beautiful and accomplished, Sayuri captivates the most powerful men of her day, but is haunted by her secret love for the one man beyond her reach.
    Rob Marshall

    Ziyi Zhang - Sayuri
    Ken Watanabe - The Chairman
    Gong Li - Geisha Hatsumomo
    Michelle Yeoh - Mameha
    Yuki Kudo - Pumpkin
    Koji Yakusho - Nobu
    Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa - The Baron
    Karl Yune - Koichi
    Tsai Chin - Auntie
    Zoe Weizenbaum -Young Pumpkin
    Suzuka Ohgo - Chiyo
    Ted Levine
    Kaori Momoi - Mother

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    There has been so many different release dates for this movie...but this is according to sonypictures.com:
    Exclusive release 12/09 (New York and Los Angeles, I think)
    Limited release 12/16
    Nationwide 12/23
    Now I have to wait 2 more weeks...but still, I absolutely cannot wait for this movie!

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    It looks like it has a llittle bit to offer every kind of audience, which always makes for a good date movie!

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    The book is fantastic...here's hoping the movie is just as good!

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    I am really looking forward to this movie. I personally like the casting of Ziyi Zhang in the lead, but the Japanese are not happy because she is Chinese. While I think she is perfect to play the fragile but stunning Geisha, I am surprised they didn't cast a Japanese actress. I think they wanted some bigger names to draw an audience.

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    ^ I wondered the same thing, I think they wanted big named celebs in america for it, I don't know to many actress that are japanese. I beleive Michelle Yeoh is chinese as well. I think the smae that appiles to hispanic actors is the same for asian, msot of the time they look very similar so they just cast a asian person for asian roll, hey Catherine Zeta Jones played a hispanic female in Zorro but is Welsh.

    The movie lookes very intersting, can't wait to see it.

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    well i saw it, i liked it, it was a pretty good adaption of the book

    my only complaint is, their accents were so thick, it was hard to understand them at times

    but the casting was good, even though originally i wasnt too crazy about ziyi being the lead role, the person who was casted as hatsumomo did a good job, she was so, so pretty

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    Went to go see this with a friend on Monday. We have both read the book (it's my favorite book, BTW), so it was nice to have someone to discuss & contrast the two with. Anyway, I thought it did a good job of following the book, but for some reason the movie seemed kinda slow, & the book never seemed slow to me at all.

    If you haven't read the book, read it & skip the movie.

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    I loved the book when I read it many years ago. I went to see the movie with my 2 daughters who had just read it. They were put off by the differences but I just enjoyed the stunning visuals. This is a big screen must see. Don't wait for the rental.
    Count your blessings!

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    I rented this movie last night - it was fabulous. If you liked The Red Violin you will like this movie - it has the same kind of pacing and similar stunning scenery.
    I would have to say this is a chick-flick though. My husband would have hated it.
    I think I might have to pick up the book.
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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