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Thread: Brokeback Mountain - 12/9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonelyguy82 View Post
    Finally! I'm planning to rent this movie tonight. I've heard so much about it, so I'm kinda curious about it. ! Anyway, people said it's a really good movie, and I just like good movies. I would like to think that I'm open-minded about it.
    oK, waiting for the review!

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    Yeah, I saw it last night. First of all, overall, it's a good movie, but I don't think it's my movie type. At the first beginning, it was kind of dragging on, and I was like, IS THIS HOW THE WAY THEY LIVED?! Travelling with 200,000,000 sheeps and lambs over mountain. I just thought it was interesting.

    There was some intense moments like a gay cowboy's getting it from other that gay cowboy. I swear to God, you guys, I didn't expected it. I was almost kinda turn on, but not really. !

    I really liked how Michelle Williams acts in a hurt wife, but I'm not sure about Jack's wife. At first Ii thought she was cool, but later in the movie, she's seemingly getting colder as she gets age. Eh, it's probably because she knew all about Jack's affairs. Oh yeah! One more thing. At the end of the movie, Jack was totally rich, but his parents still live in a humble home? Greedy selfish wife or a mistake or what?

    All in all, I'll give it
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