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Thread: Scary Movie 4 Behind The Scenes!!

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    Scary Movie 4 Behind The Scenes!!

    I recently check wikipedia, and they had cool updates on scary movie 4. There was also a clip with Dr.Phil and Shaq on set for the first scene spoofing Saw. Here's the link: http://et.tv.yahoo.com/movies/etsid1...05/index.html/

    More info:
    Scary Movie 4
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    This article or section contains information about a scheduled or expected future film(s).
    It is likely to contain information of a speculative nature and the content may change dramatically as the film's release approaches and more information becomes available.

    Scary Movie 4 is a sequel to Scary Movie 3. The movie is in production as of 2005 in film 2005. It will be released in April 14, 2006. It is directed by David Zucker and written by Craig Mazin and Pat Proft.

    This movie will officially spoof "Saw", "The Village", "The Grudge", and "War of the Worlds". Unknown that it'll spoof superhero movies.

    OFFICIAL OPENING SEQUENCE: http://et.tv.yahoo.com/movies/etsid1...05/index.html/ Shaq and Dr. Phil will spoof "Saw"

    Tagline : TBA

    - Andre Benjamin - Anna Faris : Cindy Campbell - Carmen Electra : Spoofs a character in "The Village" - "Chingy" - Chris Elliot - Craig Bierko - Dr. Phil McGraw : Spoof "Saw" in the opening scene with Shaq - Elisha Cuthbert (rumored) - Freddie Prinze Jr. (rumored) - Joanna Krupa - Leslie Nielson - Link Baker - Molly Shannon - Paris Hilton (rumored) - Regina Hall : Brenda Meeks - Shaquille O'Neil : Spoof "Saw" in the opening scene with Dr. Phil - Shia LaBeouf (rumored) - Leslie Nielson may reprise the role of the president of "Scary Movie 3" - On "The Jimmy Kimmel Show," rapper Chingy revealed that he'll star in "Scary Movie 4."
    Chingy? Are you serious? There are only a few rappers that can act and Chingy isn't one of them.

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    BTW, Chingy confirmed to Tyra on Tyra Show that he was filming SM4. He said it was really funny.

    P.S. Am I the only one excited about this?

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    HI there
    lol. didnt know they were making SM4.

    looks/sound hilarious. love the posters. the blow up doll especially. lol.

    i love movies that spoofs others.

    as for chingy...dont matter. this is a spoof movie. not much real acting...so i dont mind. cant be as bad as other actors who appeared in the first 3.

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    I hope they have new teen stars to give new actors an opportunity to shine. I think there's enough celebs. But more models would be fine.

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