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Thread: Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey announce separation

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    Strange-ly, the price of tea in China remains the same.
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    Can they go away now?
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    From the article posted by Broadway:
    Considering Simpson made the bulk of the couple's assets while they were together, dragging in a cool $35 million last year, she could be paying through the nose.
    I had no idea she made that kind of cash. That's enough for her to go away and live without having to be in the media anymore. And enough to take her creepy father, her talentless sister, and her weird mother with her.

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    For 1/2 of 35 million, I could get married and divorced in a few years
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    I'm still wondering why people care? They're just another Barbie Ken hollywood couple. But couples like Brangelina are different.

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    Who actually expects hollywood couples to stay together? Better yet, Who cares?

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    I kinda get annoyed at everyone saying "oh their just a celebrity couple... no celebrity couple makes it".

    What about Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson? Mel Gibson and his wife have 7 kids and they've been married for 16 years! There's also John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

    I think it's not impossible... I think people just really have to want to make it work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maveno View Post
    Strange-ly, the price of tea in China remains the same.


    This is so true.

    On the other hand, I get the impression that if something doesn't go perfectly smooth they feel they can just toss it like a bad pair of underwear (they meaning celebrities). Marriage is work, and God forbid they work at it.

    Hopefully they will figure this out before the next one
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    well, i can't say that i'm all that surprised - they were so different in so many ways. but i'm definitely disappointed and sad. they were such a cute couple, and they seemed so in love.
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    I came across this while looking for something else.

    I always wondered if Jessica was as dumb as she seems. Well, folks, I have my answer!

    http://tmz.aol.com/article1?id=200511291215099900 01
    TMZ has learned exclusively that before Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson got married, he not only asked his future bride to sign a prenup, he actually had the papers drawn up, but Jessica refused to sign.

    When the couple married in October 2002, Nick was financially better off than his better half. The former 98 Degrees boy bander was concerned enough about his financial security to take legal measures to protect himself.

    During their marriage, the financial tables turned drastically when Jessica rocketed past Nick in earning power. Her endorsements, along with appearances and other revenues, earned Jessica $35 million in 2004 alone.

    Under California law, since the couple did not sign a prenup, earnings during the marriage are divided 50/50. If the couple doesn't settle out of court, Nick would be entitled to tens of millions of Jessica's earnings during their three years of wedlock.

    US Weekly reports that celebrity divorce lawyer Laura Wasser will represent either Nick or Jessica. TMZ contacted Wasser's office, but she did not return our call.
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