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Thread: Worst Actors of Today

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    Add the entire Baldwin family to the list. Yuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    Haylie Duff has actually acted in anything?
    She was also on That's So Raven. I've seen her as a nameless actor before Hilary rose to fame.

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    I was totally gonna say Nicolas Cage too!
    same character over and over and over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fort_Fan911
    Paris Hilton
    Hilary Duff
    Jessica Simpson
    Britney Spears
    Justin Timberlake
    50 Cent
    Jennifer Aniston
    Haylie Duff
    Ashlee Simpson

    What's your list?

    Pretty much everyone on this list would be on mine(although I have yet to see 50 Cent act so I will reserve judgement on him for now) but I would have to add Jennifer Lopez also.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Vince Vaughn was the 1st one to pop into my mind....(tho my son would argue with me because he was in a Jurassic Park movie!)

    I would disagree with others on their list..I happen to think that Tom Cruise is a great actor (tho a little nutty right now!)
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    Interesting. Almost all actors that are being mentioned are "personality" actors.

    Basically, there are two different types of actors.

    The "personality" type plays almost the same character every time. People go to see their movies in order to see that particular ACTOR. Examples: John Wayne, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Lopez. These are typically your "STARS"

    The CHARACTER actors have a wide range of characters that they can play - an easy example is Tom Hanks. You can see a movie with one of these actors and not recognize them, because they immerse themselves in the part.
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    Jennifer Aniston - I'm not impressed.
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    Two more "actory" actors that I can't stand are:

    1) Sean Penn -- to me, his acting is comprised of looks one might give if the shoes one was wearing were two sizes too small.

    2) Helena Bonham Carter -- all that chick does is widen her eyes to convey different emotions; one day they're gonna pop out of her head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBmumsie
    Interesting. Almost all actors that are being mentioned are "personality" actors.
    I actually racked my brain trying to think of a character actor whom I thought was doing a poor job, but couldn't dig one up. My favourite actors are pretty much ALL either character actors in big movies, or lead actors in smaller movies. The only current big name actor I can think of who actually impresses me (Tom Hanks aside) is Joaquin Phoenix.
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    Hayden Christensen in Star Wars Eps. V and VI. Good to look at but wooden, stilted and totally over acting.

    He actually isn't completely hopeless though, he was pretty okay in House of Glass.

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