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Thread: Jarhead 11/4

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    Jarhead 11/4

    Go see this movie! It was really good. Not like emotional, graphic, action packed good....It was real. It was about Desert Storm and a pack of Marines, and it just felt like you were watching 'the honest to God truth' about what happened out there.

    My husband was there, said the movie was 'okay', but you could tell he was chomping at the bit wanting to explain every detail in it to me.. (we should have rented it instead).

    But I was pleasantly surprised....And ladies....there is some really GREAT parts in there
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    My daughter called yesterday on the way home from seeing the movie. Admittedly she's very tenderhearted, but she was sobbing. She loved it but wouldn't go into details as she didn't want to spoil it. Since we usually like the same movies I'm going to see it. It looks good.

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    I saw this just yesterday, I really liked it. I agree that it is very real...I like movies liek this because they make me more aware of waht really happened. Some of it was funny, and of course what female wouldn't love one of those "eye-candy" scenes with Jakey. Great movie I recommend.

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    I will definitely see this eventually. I remember loving the book that it was based on, by the real life Anthony Swofford, when it came out a few years back. It's a quick but very compelling read, so anyone who hasn't read it but loved the movie, I highly recommend (sorry, no Gyllenhall butt in it though)!
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