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Thread: Baldwin & Basinger In Custody Dispute

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    Baldwin & Basinger In Custody Dispute

    LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Alec Baldwin and ex-wife Kim Basinger traded personal jabs through their attorneys Monday, with each claiming amid a custody dispute that the other has serious emotional problems.

    In court papers, Baldwin claimed Basinger "has a pathological need" to turn their daughter against him, and he is asking for a psychological evaluation of the actress.

    Baldwin lawyer Vicki Greene argued in a court hearing Monday that Basinger had tainted 10-year-old Ireland's view of her father.

    Basinger's attorney, Neal Hersh, dismissed the claim and said Baldwin was the problem.

    "We believe that Mr. Baldwin has severe emotional problems," Hersh said. "Mr. Baldwin's lawyers attempted to cast terrible aspersions toward Kim rather than focusing on the main issue, which is his daughter."

    Baldwin was not at the hearing, which discussed his telephone time with his daughter and whether Baldwin should get an extra weekend with her when a holiday is interrupted by a court-ordered custody hearing.

    Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Maren Nelson said she found no reason to alter the custody agreement. She did not rule on the psychological evaluation request.

    The acting duo married August 19, 1993. They separated in 2000 and divorced in 2002.

    Basinger declined to comment outside the courtroom. She and Baldwin are scheduled to return to court December 13.


    I thought this was rather sad. I remember when they were the "IT" couple in Hollywood. Now they are saying that the other needs therapy and apparently making their daughter's life miserable.
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    This custody dispute has gone on since their separation in 2000 and settled down a little in 2004 only to come back again. It is very unfortunate for their child that a final agreement can't be reached. They should both be forced to seek co-parenting counseling and learn how to put their daughter first.

    It sounds as if their egos are in the way of a settlement...I've seen nothing of suspected abuse, neglect, etc. I see "his schedule is worse than mine" (on E! online). If Kim is denying Alec "access" to Ireland (through time and phone calls), that is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Just goes to show, there's a thin line between love and hate.
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    I hope they can put thier issues with each other aside for the child's sake. Being the center of a custody battle like that for so long can't be good for her.

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