R | 1 hr 38 mins | Drama, Supernatural, Thriller | Awaiting Release: 10/21/2005

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A dedicated New York psychiatrist Sam Foster urgently attempts to stop a secretive and unusual young patient he inherited, Henry Lethem, from carrying out a planned suicide on the eve of his 21st birthday. But Sam's investigation of Henry has reality-shattering effects on the psychiatrist. As Sam is drawn deeper into the web of Henry's life--and then into the labyrinth of his subconscious--it puts stress on Sam's relationship with his artist girlfriend and former patient Lila. But soon Sam's own tightly-held grip on the rational world begins to melt away. Faced with increasingly surreal encounters and a Manhattan transformed into a wildly shifting dreamscape, Sam can no longer figure out what is true and what is happening only in his head, nor where he begins and Henry ends.

Ewan McGregor - Sam Foster
Naomi Watts - Lila Culpepper
Ryan Gosling - Henry Letham
Elizabeth Reaser - Athena
Bob Hoskins - Dr. Leon Patterson
Janeane Garofalo - Dr. Beth Levy
Kate Burton - Lila Culpepper
B.D. Wong - Dr. Ren
Michael Gaston - Sheriff Kennelly/Security Officer
Mark Margolis - Business Man