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Thread: Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Tie The Knot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical
    They separated in 1998, gabriel. They married in 1987. The divorce was official in 2000. SO - that's an epic marriage by Hollywood standards!

    I'll go sit in the optimist corner too. I was never a big fan of AK, but I saw him in a few interviews last year and I changed my mind about him. I love that Demi's daughters call him MOD - My Other Dad. I think he's got more depth than we've seen in his movie/TV roles. I don't think he's the most talented actor in the world, but he seems like a good guy. If Demi was just wanting to have some arm candy, I think the fun would have worn off a while ago.
    Thank you critical forthe update re the years. Well I tell you if Ashton wanted to park his shoes next to mine.. oh well .. a guy can dream.
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    It is an accepted (or widely practiced) thing for older men and younger women to hook up, so why not the reverse? The best relationship I have ever had was with a man 12 years younger than me, and I think we'd still be together if (as an airforce helicopter pilot) he had not been transferred to North Dakota! .

    But honestly, I didn't expect it to last, and I really don't expect Demi and Ash to last. Men, historically, especially wealthy men, always seem to trade in for a new model when the wife loses her hot factor!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel
    I read somewhere she married Willis in 1998? Thanks for the link. I stand/sit corrected?

    They have 3 daughters together!!!! C'mon!! But you didn't know so, it's alright.
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    Wow! I totally missed this one! Celebrities are getting pretty good/clever lately at these keeping these weddings secret until after the fact.

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    I am not surprised....considering he's at his prime and she's at her prime, well, the age difference is probably not significant.

    More power to them...I like that he has embraced her daughters too, although its more like friend/buddy than fatherly to some extent. But hey, if everyone's happy, thats a big step in the right direction by Hollywood standards.
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    He helps those girls with their homework and other things, which is pretty cool. He's into the whole family bit, not just "being Mom's BF" which helps out tremedously. And if you want to talk about age diffrences, look at Ralph Fiennes and his GF....she has GRANDKIDS, he left his wife for her and it's years later and they are STILL together.

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    So is Demi a dirty old woman because we know if the shoe was on the other foot there would be some dirty old man comments about the marriage.

    That said I think they will do good together for a while at least because they generally seem into one another and he seems integrated into her family with her kids. Even Bruce showed up to support the marriage, so it does appear to be a good match.

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