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Thread: Lord of War - 09/16/05

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    Lord of War - 09/16/05

    from rottentomatoes.com

    Lord of War (R)

    Sep 16, 2005 Wide

    While Lord of War is an intelligent examination of the gun trade, it is too scattershot in its plotting to connect.

    Nicolas Cage, Jared Leto, Bridget Moynahan
    Directed by Andrew Niccol

    LORD OF WAR is an action adventure story set in the world of international arms dealing. The film, based on fact, follows the globetrotting exploits of arms dealer Yuri Orlov (NICOLAS CAGE). Through some of the deadliest war zones, Yuri struggles to stay one step ahead of a relentless Interpol agent (ETHAN HAWKE), his business rivals, even some of his customers who include many of the world's most notorious dictators.

    R, for strong violence, drug use, language and sexuality

    Lions Gate Films

    Action/Adventure, Dramas, Crime/Conspiracy, Action, Adventure, Drama, Mercenaries, Thriller

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    This was a really compelling drama that had some light moments in the midst of some really dark material.

    Nicholas Cage was great. I can't imagine anyone else in the role. I've never been much of a fan, but I'm starting to come around.
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    I liked it, Miss Filangi. I felt a sense of urgency in the film. They had a strong message they wanted to get out (global gun trade bad!), at the same time, they wanted to make it accessible. So, I guess that's why they included the "lighter" moments, which are light only compared to harsh reality of other scenes, specifically the scenes in Africa.

    I thought the middle part dragged a little. I've seen most of it before. Scarface, Goodfellas, and all the crime flicks of the 90s, where the American Dream is achieved through illegal means and then it all crumbles. Here, it doesn't really crumble, but we don't cheer either way. Nic Cage's character is not a likeable guy (then again, what Nic Cage character is?) and the story is not uplifting.

    It's a downer, but an important film, in the vein of Hotel Rwanda and Traffic.

    Also, how cool was that opening credit sequence? One of the best I've seen.
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