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Thread: Ordinary Sinner (2003) - 2/14

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    Ordinary Sinner (2003) - 2/14

    Ordinary Sinner (2003)

    Synopsis: Three college students struggle to find their place in a violent and profane world. When a gay friend is murdered, they set out to find the killer, encountering small-town violence and bigotry, while trying to maintain their friendship in the face of confusion, despair and betrayal.

    Statistics Genre(s): Drama Rating: Not available Runtime: 92 mins. Theatrical Release: 02/14/2003 - Limited

    Cast & Role
    Brendan Hines - Peter
    A Martinez - Father Eduardo Rey
    Elizabeth Banks - Rachel
    Peter Onorati - Mike
    Joshua Harto - Scott
    Kris Park - Alex

    Crew & Credit
    John Henry Davis Director & Producer

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    Hm...sounds too intense. It's also a limited release.

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    It sounds very intense.
    It's the type of movie that makes me feel mad that people can be so bigoted, (like Boys Don't Cry and Mississippi Burning).
    "That's Numberwang!"

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