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Thread: Friends and Family (2003) - 2/14

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    Friends and Family (2003) - 2/14

    Friends and Family (2003)

    Synopsis: Two gay men, who do 'hits' for the mob, fear almost nothing--except parental disapproval. When their families stop by for a visit, the couple decides to impress them with falsified tales of their catering business, though things get more complicated when their proud relatives demand a taste of their work.

    StatisticsGenre(s): Comedy Rating: MPAA NR Runtime: 87 mins. Theatrical Release:02/14/2003

    Cast & Role
    Greg Lauren - Stephen Torcelli
    Christopher Gartin - Danny Russo
    Brian Lane Green - Damon
    Tony Lo Bianco - Victor Patrizzi
    Beth Fowler - Stephen's Mom
    Frank Pellegrino - Stephen's Dad
    Tovah Feldshuh - Alma Jennings
    Patrick Collins - Matt Jennings

    Crew & Credit
    Kristen Coury - Director & Producer

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    This movie sounds like it has the potential to be very funny. It's a limited release, though.

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    In a movie

    haven't really heard of the actors though.
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    Very short movie, but it does sound as though it could at least be comical.
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