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Thread: Spanglish

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    I just watched this last night on video, and really enjoyed it. I went online and a number of critics were really scathing about it. For the record, I really hated Terms of Endearment (another Brooks film), thought that was really manipulative, but I enjoyed this. The kids who acted in the film were great. Tea Leoni was a revalation, she was very good, and funny! Paz Vega was really good, radiant. Chloris Leachman was a hoot, I want to see more of her (loved her a lifetime ago on MTM), and Adam Sandler was good too (haven't seen Punch Drunk Love yet, don't watch the other kind of movie he's been in). The writing was superb.What does anyone else think?

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    A chick flick that's a bit on the long side. I enjoyed it for the performances. Adam Sandler, Tea Leoni, Paz Vega, Cloris Leachman, and the two girls, are all good to great.

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    I loved this movie! Just saw it a few days ago with a bit of dread given what I had read about it. The acting by everyone was fantastic (Christina intrepreting for her mother while she was fighting with Adam Sandler was hysterical!), I liked the way it ended, the narrative was perfect. And thank you to the DVD gods for putting the recipe for that sandwich in the special features!
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    It's definetely a chic flic. No car chases, no scatological humour, actual dialogue.
    I've got to get a dvd player, I seem to be missing out on a lot.

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    i was actualyl disappointed in this one. i thought it was supposed to be funny but it was rather kinda sad.. adam sandler did a really good jon though.

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    Yeah, I didn't like it either. I just saw it about 3 weeks ago. I had been putting it off because I usually don't like anything Adam Sandler stars in. I loved Cloris Leachman (in spite of detesting the actress as a person), Tea Leoni was okay, Paz Vega was good. Adam Sandler didn't make me feel ill, that's the best I can say. His acting was boring and bland. Penelope Cruz -- well, I have yet to see her act well in anything. Definately not someone I consider a good actress, no matter what the material is.

    And the ending was the bigget disappointment. Although I understood what the point was, and why it ended how it did... it left me feeling cheated and wondering why I had wasted my time. I feel the point could have been made much better, and much more entertainingly. The point of the story didn't stay true throughout the movie, it wandered here and there in a way that, in thinking about it afterwards, made me ask why they even bothered with certain parts. And the head-spinningly-fast 180 Penelope's character did in her behaviour with Adam's character in the after-hours restaurant scene was just plain ludicrous. Too fast with too little on-screen justification. It seemed almost out of place in the movie -- like a slapped on script chapter.

    Maybe if it had been someone besides Adam Sandler and Penelope Cruz in those parts, perhaps I might have enjoyed it just a tiny bit more. But there's still the problem of all the plot-to-point detours and that the story just had a lot of weak areas.

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    I was dissapointed as well. The movie was way too slow/long. Maybe if it moved a bit faster it would have been more entertaining to watch.

    I have to comment on Paz Vega thought; On some angles, she looks absolutely beautiful, on others, she looks, dare I say, manly... Maybe it's just be, but it's a shame because when she was younger, she was really hitting it big time with her modelling career when her features were pronounced but not as sharp as they are now.

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    God, my taste in movies must really suck because I liked it.

    I really liked that it really stayed away from cliches and didn't give you the conventional happy ending that you might expect. I felt like I was watching a moment in the lives of a flawed family that didn't have all the answers, but at their core, were good people. Sometimes people come and go and you're changed just by your experiences with them.

    I thought everyone was good and Adam Sandler really did come out of his comfort zone. He didn't even look like he usually does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses
    Maybe if it had been someone besides Adam Sandler and Penelope Cruz in those parts, perhaps I might have enjoyed it just a tiny bit more.
    Psst, Nemeses! Penelope wasn't in this one. You might've confused her with Paz.

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    Miss Filangi, I'm with you in the rental queue. I didn't expect too much of the film, just thought it might be a nice chick flick, good way to spend the evening, and wasn't disappointed. It wasn't too tidy, like you say. I loved Adam Sandler's dad, he was so clear-headed while his wife was melting down. Tea Leoni was a revelation, who knew she could act?

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