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Thread: Stella's "Groove" Author Divorcing Muse

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    Stella's "Groove" Author Divorcing Muse

    I realize this was originally a novel, but I think most people knew it as a movie, so I put it in this forum. Mods, please move as you find appropriate.

    Terry McMillan divorcing 'Groove' muse

    SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP) -- Author Terry McMillan has filed for divorce from the man who inspired the 1996 novel "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," which chronicled the romantic adventures of a 40-something woman who falls for a guy half her age.

    In papers filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court, McMillan, 53, says she decided to end her 6 1/2-year marriage to Jonathan Plummer, 30, after learning he is gay.

    The revelation led her to conclude Plummer married only to get his U.S. citizenship, she said. McMillan met Plummer at a Jamaican resort a decade ago.

    "It was devastating to discover that a relationship I had publicized to the world as life-affirming and built on mutual love was actually based on deceit," she said in court papers. "I was humiliated."

    In response, Plummer maintained McMillan treated him with "homophobic" scorn bordering on harassment since he came out to her as gay just before Christmas.

    McMillan is seeking to have the marriage annulled; Plummer has asked the court to set aside a prenuptial agreement that would prevent him from getting spousal support.

    McMillan filed for divorce in January, but news of the split didn't surface until this week, when it was first reported in a San Francisco Chronicle gossip column. Earlier this month, a judge ordered McMillan to pay Plummer $2,000 a month in spousal support and $25,000 in attorney's fees until the case comes back to court in October.

    McMillan's latest novel, "The Interruption of Everything," is scheduled to hit store shelves next month. It plots the mid-life adventures of a married mother of three who is questioning her comfortable suburban life.

    McMillan said she did not plan to let a divorce "detract from the many blessings in her life," according to a statement released through her publicist.

    Plummer's attorney could not immediately be reached for comment.


    I really feel for Terry McMillan. She really thought that the love she had with this guy was life changing and he turns out to be a shyster. His behavior at this point makes it definitely sound like now he's out for his piece of her bankroll, too.
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    It's kind of funny how he now accuses her of being homophobic...I'm like yeah okay was she suppose to hug you with a pat on the back for your honesty?! I would have kicked him out too. As far as he "discovering" this later in life, that's suspect.
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    I never bought into the hoopla surrounding this obvious mismatch inspired by financial gain. I skipped the book tours, speaking engagements, and movie theater release of this poor excuse of a true love story. I had been to Jamaica and never viewed the native men as having a clue about true romance after spending romantic vacations in Nassau, Bahamas.

    I still think Waiting to Exhale is her best and most original work. How Stella Got Her Grove Back always struck me as a cheap desperate gimmick to recover from a long writer's slump. I think they both played each other and the general public and reaped a big profit from doing so. They both have gotten what they deserve. The courts will have the final say in the final financial gain for being a pseudo gigolo.

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    On the bright side, she now gets a shot at getting her groove back...again.
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    when you go to Jamaica on holiday, the beaches are full of gorgeous men- and most of them want a green card. They aren't too paticular about how they get it either, so they will tell you anything you want to hear.

    This dude is asking for all sorts of money "to get back on his feet." Let him get back on his feet where she found him, but I do admit the whole thing with the Tabasco sauce is a low blow.

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    I don't know this guy and he could be a complete fraud, but he was 19 or 20 when they got together, so like most people his age he may not know who he is - sexually or character-wise.

    Whereas TM should have known better at age 40 something than to marry her booty call. $2000 a month in spousal support is not that much money, especially in the Bay area. If the genders were reversed, would anyone have a problem with a woman getting spousal support from her older husband.

    Also, it is interesting that this was kept underwraps for several months and then it comes out just when she has a book to promote.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kao
    when you go to Jamaica on holiday, the beaches are full of gorgeous men- and most of them want a green card.
    Yes, it was quite easy to get a marriage proposal during my Reggae Sunsplash vacation. You only had to step outside of your hotel room to find plenty of anxious suitors. There were also plenty of losers, weirdos, and rogues thrown into the mix.

    All the truly gorgeous and interesting men that I met were also American tourists.

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    This is getting messier by the minute, ive seen the short interviews they've been doing ever since. She's right to be pissed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    On the bright side, she now gets a shot at getting her groove back...again.
    Yeah, maybe this can become a lifestyle???

    It is sad though...what next? We find out that the couple from Bridges of Madison County actually did meet up later in life and couldn't stand one another!!!

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    I don't understand how a judge can order her to pay $2,000 a month in support and $25,000 in attorny fees especially when they had a prenuptial agreement. I can't imagine this guy was simply a house husband ;he's 30 years old and able bodied, dude.....GET A JOB! Have some dignity for crying out loud!

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