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Thread: War of the Worlds - 06/29/05

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    I've had some of the same questions. Here's my take:
    Click to see Spoiler:
    During the sceen at the ferry crossing, when we first notice the tripods coming, at first I thought the birds were flying away from it. When the tripod becomes visible, we see the gulls flocking around it. Now, birds are one of the worst carriers for parasites and bacteria (salmonella for one). My thought is that the birds were attracted to the red weed stuff the tripods were spraying (terraforming?) and they they may have spread disease to the aliens that way. There is also the sceen in the basement where the aliens are shown drinking the water from the drain pipes, which after all the damage that they had wrecked, probably wasn't clean anymore. I think that Speilberg left it open for a number of ways of infecting the aliens.
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    Dakota Fanning is an alien. The movie was great, and even though I don't like Tom Cruise, he wins me over everytime. This makes Independence Day look like The Sound of Music.

    One question though, at the house in the burbs, when Ray is looking for food to feed the kids, why didn't he look in the big fridge in the kitchen? Also, was there only one mechanic or car guy in Newark left to fix an engine? There were a lot of refences to some of Spielberg's previous films, the basket under the alien ship, looked very much like the basket carrying renegade androids in AI, the spiders in Minority Report, like the mechanical eye in the basement, the white ash falling from the sky, the ash in Schlinder's list, and even the foghorns, sounded like the first two notes of Close Encounters, and the alien with the bicycle, like E.T. gone bad.

    Warning have a drink or take a valium before seeing this.

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    Warning have a drink or take a valium before seeing this.


    I'm reading over the questions here and had really "good answers"

    hit the wrong button and poof! my post gone. I give up................

    No kidding with what I quoted from you......my heart was going so fast (and I saw it x2) (i know I'm pathetic)

    saw it last night and the gang of friends I was with I wanted to kill.........too many questions!!!

    I think this movie was more for entertainment and not so much for "debate and analyzation" --
    spoiler alert!!

    Click to see Spoiler:
    what was up with the red growth stuff? why some ppl were zapped and some were in the "crate thing" only to be sucked up and they're blood drank? ahrgh!!!!!!

    I liked the movie a lot. I don't know. I hate "holes" in movies though. Seeing it with my teenage daughter I loved it. We were on the edge of our seats and no problems when it ended. Last night however, with friends, there was this HUGE debate that had me ready to scream..................

    Oh well.

    go see it!! You need to hear the sound in the theater. Not even the best sound system in a home can replicate this !!

    <----- 5 stars (and Tom was EXCELLENT) Dakota Fannimg I predict is the next Kirsten Dunst (not a great thing but, not so bad either)

    What did you all think of the Tim Robbin's character? And what happened to him? One reviewer hated it and I thought it was disturbing but, was saying something (especially to parents)
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    This movie was very good with a couple of flaws that didn't lessen my enjoyment of this gripping film:

    Mod edit: spoiler tags

    Click to see Spoiler:
    1. Ending was too pat. Would have been better if everyone didn't survive. That would have been more realistic and with an emotional punch.

    2. Went too quickly from all powerful aliens to woozy, then dead aliens. 5 extra minutes of film could have done a better job of explaining what was happening.

    3. The 9/11 flyers "Have you seen this person". With the electricity out and such a short timeframe (I felt this was happening in a day or two), how did those flyers get made and posted?

    Overall, this was an excellent film.

    Tom Cruise did a fine job as a man with responsibility thrust on him, trying to keep his children alive, under the most trying circumstances.

    Dakota Fanning was the pivotal child taking us on this terrifying journey. So glad the character got over the screaming thing she was doing in the car.

    Justin Chatwin managed to made his surly teenager understandable in his desire to join the troops and fight the good fight.

    Disturbing images.

    From the War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast transcript:

    With infinite complacence people went to and fro over the earth about their little affairs, serene in the assurance of their dominion over this small, spinning fragment of solar driftwood which, by chance or design, man has inherited out of the dark mystery of Time and Space.
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    I wasn't too impressed with this movie. There were too many holes in the story.
    Tom Crazy did a good acting job, as well as that wonderful child actress, Dakota Fanning, but I still wouldn't want to see this movie again or even own it on DVD.
    All the people that I've asked haven't really liked it either, so I'm not alone on this.

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    I actually really liked this. Sure, there are plot holes, but it's meant to be a big scary action flick, and that's what it is. The computer work to create the alien machines was great, the whole movie was very intense, and overall I'd recommend it. Just go and enjoy it and don't overthink it. I'd also say it's one of those movies you should see in a theater, to get the full intensity of the action sequences.

    It did make me want to go read H.G. Wells' book, which I've never read. I think it's amazing he wrote a book about alien invasion in 1898.
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    Tom has been off the deep end for the last several months, but his movies are still money makers.

    War of the Worlds is already over 115M gross going into this weekend, and it made 77M last weekend. Another big winner for Cruise.
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    I wonder if it has more to do with Steven Spielberg than Cruise. I think he's not the draw that he used to be and iit's only helped by the lack of big budget films this year.

    Of course, I hate Tom Cruise, so take that as you will. I have long boycotted Tom Cruise, but I might make an exception for this one.
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    A mixed reaction in this thread mirrors my own.

    It was an pretty entertaining movie...but sooo many plot holes. The ending was so weak.

    On the whole, I'd pass this one up. This is the worst Spielburg movie I've ever seen.

    Someone mentioned Independence Day, which I enjoyed tremendously. I dont think there's any comparison. ID had a real story line that made sense (if farfetched) and lots of great characters.

    As for Tom...his current antics aside...he's played the same character in the last 6 movies of his that I've seen.

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    Alright movie. But like many people are saying, too many plot holes. Way to many for me to enjoy it that much. But the action scens where really good and solid acting. I give it a but it was close.

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