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Thread: War of the Worlds - 06/29/05

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    I fail to see the connection that some critics are making between Tom Cruise's new over exposure of his personal life possibly affecting his box office appeal. I think it is wonderful that Tom was able to find a new relationship and experience such exhiliarating, intense, and raw emotions at this point in his life. Tom seems like a marrying kind of guy and he had been floundering around fairly single for over four years.

    Even though his excitment about this new relationship has been over the top, it has not impacted how I view him as a very good still boyishly appealing actor and good guy for the most part. Nicole Kidman is still my favorite of his lady loves and I don't think any of his later lady loves have come close to exhibiting her natural elegance and talent. But Tom is the one doing the dismissing and picking.

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    I'm glad to hear more than one review on this that was actually pleasant. The ones I've read have been not so nice. I think I'll give it a pass and see it on DVD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    I am going to see this on Friday and can't wait. The reviews have been pretty good so far.
    Let us know what you think

    I generally enjoy Tom Cruise movies, but I have to admit this whole Katie business has put me off him personally.
    I'm hoping to see the movie though.

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    Hmmm, I saw this movie wednesday and I thought it was worth watching. Throughout majority of the movie, I was very into it and it was very suspenseful. There was one scene where I absolutely got chills! The only thing I didn't like was the ending which i thought was tad confusing and unbelieveable, but that is my opinion.

    I heard this movie is going to be triology, is that true?
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    Me and my 12 year old son went to see this on opening night and we absolutely LOVED it...it is suspenseful...it is on the edge of your seat exciting....the effects are perfect Spielberg....Tom is a great actor in this but by far the best actor is Dakota Fanning. This little girl knows how to portray the fear and terror she felt and made each of us in the theater feel the same emotions. I would highly recommend this movie...who cares what Tom is doing outside of this movie? This movie is an escape from the "reality" of TomKat.....me and my son will probably go back to see it again over the 4th of July holiday weekend!
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    What an absolutly amazing film! I think I had three near heart-attacks during the movie it was so scary. The special effects were amazing and the sound was perfect! Definetly see it in the biggest theater near your house. At first it was kind of weird seeing Tom because of all his publicity but after 15 minutes it didn't matter. Dakota, who I love, was amazing as always. The movie had its funny parts along the way to take you away from the tense parts. The movie's action starts right from the beginning and never ends. The previews did a perfect job of not showing the 'invaders,' which look great.

    Just overall an excellent movie. I would see it again and you should all see it too. Don't wait until it comes out on DVD.

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    Well I guess I am going to be the one to rain on the parade.

    I just saw it today and thought that although the special effects were amazing there was a lot of weak acting.

    I think that Dakota Fanning was excellent, thank goodness she is in almost every scene, and she seems to be the one carrying the movie. Tim Robbins was also excellent in the small part that he was given.

    To me Tom Cruise was off his game in the movie and his acting was only sub par and the person who played his son was not convincing in the least.

    If you are big on special effects go see it on the big screen. If not wait.
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    It was simply an awesome movie, probably the best that I have seen so far..
    The only few problems about the show I didnt quite like was that the machines came in to the picture way too early in the show and Dakota's yells were kinda irritating

    Still I thought she acted really well and to a certain extent, Tom Cruise acted well too...And the ending was great, no one could have expected that....
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    Could someone please explain something to me.
    Click to see Spoiler:
    In the ending, I just did not understand how the mother and her family are all well and dandy at home in Boston while rest of the world is in chaos. I mean, how where they not affected at all?

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    I too have a question:

    Click to see Spoiler:
    They started and the whole movie with the whole micro-organism thingy, so does this mean that the micro-organisms killed the machines to show that it is all a big circle. We kill the micro-organisms, the aliens kill us, and the micro-organisms kill the aliens. And also did the birds at the end represent this? Thanks!

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