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Thread: Batman Begins - 06/15/05

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    I finally saw this movie this past weekend. In one word: Awesome!
    I had given up on the Batman movies, since they were drowining in cheesiness, but Batman Begins has injected life into the franchise.

    Micheal Keaton was great in the first Batman, but Christian Bale was phenomenal! He brought some reality to the character with his passionate portrayal of the tormented caped crusader. The story was also a little bit more believable than the previous Batman movies. Morgan Freeman always rocks! Katie Holmes was okay, but I don't really care for her. Maybe it's all the hoopla over her and Tom Cruise.

    In any case, I highly recommend this movie.

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    I finally saw this movie during the weekend and decided to post about it.

    I absolutely loved it! Previously my perception of Batman movies was a bunch of comic characters in flamboyant outfits and a cool looking hero there to perform stunts. But this movie far surpasses those. It really brought a more human approach. It was interesting to see how Batman truly began as opposed to just seeing him already established. There was never a boring moment.

    Christian Bale surprised me at how good he was in this role. Michael Caine & Morgan Freeman were both excellent and provided great humor throughout the movie. I also enjoyed Cillian Murphy as Dr. Crane, really loved his performance in there. Brought a calm, but chilling effect.

    Katie Holmes was just there to be the token dansel in distress. Nothing special, but everyone was just absolutely well casted for this movie! I can't wait for future installments already!

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    Great movie! I can't think of a way I could have made a better Batman movie. Go see it if you haven't already.
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    I just saw this film and loved it! Finally, a movie that lives up to the Batman mythos. Great casting. Katie was blah but the females are thro-away roles in these films anyway. I loved that it had a bit more bit to it and the casting for the Scarecrow was great, that dude was scary.

    I've always liked Christian Bale and thought he did a great job. I loved that it had a story to follow and closet- as someone with no potty breaks, that was not discussed.

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    I didn't love this movie as much as most. It was worth my time in the theatre and was pretty well written but the movie seemed almost caught in slow motion with how slow it evolved. Also the final fight with Ra's Al Ghul was merely ok and not the great final fight sequence you would expect from a movie like this. I would recommend it but I just didn't think it was a great movie overall but a good one.

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    Blackshade, I didn't find it all that great either. I didn't like the way they offed my beloved crow.

    I would lke to see what they can do with all of these vllains, though, since Poison Ivy and Mr. Feeze wre basically ruined in the 4th film. My favorite is stll Batman Returns.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Dang! I still haven't watched it yet! I was going to see it with my cousin, but I watched Bewitched instead... (its a pretty bad movie) I'm gonna try to see it soon, cause it looks cool being a darker Batman and all.

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    It's playing still at a nearby theatre for cheap so i wont miss this one.
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