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Thread: Before Sunrise & Before Sunset

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    Is it still double posting if it's two days later? I rented Before Sunset. I realized at the store that I had seen Before Sunrise when it came out. I have to say that I almost couldn't watch it. The scene when they leave the bookstore and are walking down an endless street to the coffee shop almost lost me. I had to get into the pace of the movie. I loved the ending. It was just like his description in the opening scene in answer to the question of how his book ends.
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    I really enjoyed Sunset despite not seeing Sunrise. It's practically one long conversation between two people (about life, love, relationships, etc.) with almost no plot or action. Sounds boring but the acting and dialogue are earnest enough that you feel for the characters. It's like eavesdropping on real people.

    I plan to see the original and hope to see another sequel.

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