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I found this odd, as there was an article in the news a couple weeks ago about a fabric store guy that patted some woman's butt, and they found that it wasn't sexual harrassment, only meant to 'humiliate and degrade' and therefore not illegal.


is the link to that story. So Christian must have had sexual aforethought to be arrested.

I feel for the guy, his wife abused him, he -like Winona Ryder are passe and uncool, trying to reclaim some fame. I always thought him the young man's Nicholson, and liked him in a couple cheese fests (I think it was a Young Guns film).
Glitter, the initial article says that Christian "grabbed" the women's butt. The judge in your story found that "grabbing" is akin to forcible touching and, therefore, illegal but "patting" is a-okay. It's all in the squeeze, apparently.

I never had a crush on Christian Slater. But he was great in Heathers (love that movie) and Pump Up the Volume.