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Thread: Favorite Julia Roberts Film

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    Favorite Julia Roberts Film

    Which Julia Roberts film is your favorite? Here is a list of the movies she has starred in.
    I love Steel Magnolias, Pretty Woman, My Best Friends Wedding, Stepmom, Notting Hill, Erin Brockovich, Mona Lisa Smile, and Closer.

    Ocean's Twelve
    Mona Lisa Smile
    Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Full Frontal
    Grand Champion
    Ocean's Eleven
    America's Sweethearts
    The Mexican
    Erin Brockovich
    Runaway Bride
    Notting Hill
    Conspiracy Theory
    My Best Friend's Wedding
    Everyone Says I Love You
    Michael Collins
    Mary Reilly
    Something to Talk About
    Before Your Eyes: Angelie's Secret
    I Love Trouble
    The Pelican Brief
    Dying Young
    Sleeping with the Enemy
    Pretty Woman
    Steel Magnolias
    Blood Red
    Mystic Pizza
    Baja Oklahoma

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    Nik.Nicole.Bre.Lisa bhanson's Avatar
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    Aug 2004
    I liked Stepmom, but I didn't like her in it .

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    An innocent bystander nlmcp's Avatar
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    Oct 2002
    The mitten state
    To be honest, I haven't really truly liked a Julia Robert's film. None of them are even close to my top 25 films. The top one would have been Steel Magnolias, and I liked it in spite of Julia being in it.

    In fact some of those movies were down right bad.
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    It isn't a "Julia Robert's" flick, I don't think, but I finally got around to seeing Hook the other day and thought she was cutely appropriate as Tink. I could have done without the culotte thingies she was wearing, but other than that I liked her in it. Was sad for her regarding her unreturned love for Peter.

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    hellooooooo sher's Avatar
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    dallas, fer sure
    lots of people here aren't huge julia fans. i, on the other hand, like a lot of her movies. my faves are closer, ocean's 11, and notting hill. granted, in all of those movies, she wasn't my favorite. loved clive owen most in closer. ocean's 11... too many greats to name ahead of her, and hugh grant was the best in notting hill. but i did love all those movies.

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    Kanai Nemeses's Avatar
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    The only Julia Roberts film I've ever enjoyed was Pretty Woman, which I thought she was pretty good in. Unfortunately, though, her ego outgrew her talent and now I try to avoid seeing any film she's in. I will occasionally watch one she's in, but when that happens, it's always in spite of her being in it, not because she's in it. For instance, I watched Steel Magnolias because of the rest of the cast. Julia Roberts plays Julia Roberts in her movies, and that's the extent of it. (no offense to those who do like her)

    But on the whole, I'd love it if Julia Roberts just slipped silently (impossible for her) into nothingness and I never heard her name mentioned as an 'actress' again.
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    Miss Understood
    Of the films that sort of feature her as the "main character" I liked Pretty Woman, Steel Magnolias and Nottinghill. All the others could have been played by numerous other actresses and I would have been just as happy with the films, maybe even more acutally.

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    the sweetest thing snickers's Avatar
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    Nov 2003
    only pretty woman

    not a fan of her--but she was good in pretty woman

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    I Bleed Scarlet And Gray FireWoman's Avatar
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    I really like Julia Roberts in Mona Lisa Smile. It wasn't an overly great movie.. but she had a great character in it.

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    Retired! hepcat's Avatar
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    in a good place
    Her acting has always grated on me, and I really don't go for the type of films she inhabits.
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