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Thread: Favorite Julia Roberts Film

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    Closer. She played a character I never thought I'd see her portray.
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    1. Pretty Woman
    2. Mystic Pizza
    3. Dying Young

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    I saw Mona Lisa's Smile on the bus on the way down to see my sweetie. a I love JooolYA! I didnt' expect to like it at first, but really did. Great era to be reminded of how things for women have changed and then again have not changed at all. Interesting characters. Great music, if I remember. Didn't end the way I thought it would. But that's ok too.
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    Re: Favorite Julia Roberts Film

    I've been getting more than my fill of Julia Robert's lately, having a friend camping out who adores her. Most of her movies I can take or leave, but I've found myself watching Notting Hill (on my own, no arm twisting involved) repeatedly over the last couple of days.

    I suppose its a Julia Robert's flick, but its also a Hugh Grant flick and it certainly wouldn't be nearly as appealing if it weren't for the rest of the quirky and endearing characters that populate it.

    Hugh Grant is either more of a man or less of one (I'm uncertain) than I to have withstood Julia's 'I'm just a girl. Standing in front of a boy. Asking that boy to love her.' passage hands on hips without caving to her then and there. I'd have been her boy toy pocket accessory from that moment on.

    Until she discarded me, of course.

    I really liked the way she delived those lines, separating them made them much more powerful than if she'd said the same thing without pausing.

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    Re: Favorite Julia Roberts Film

    My fav Julia films are:
    Notting Hill
    Conspiracy Theory

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