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Thread: Favorite Julia Roberts Film

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    I've never been a Julia Roberts fan at all. Of all the movies she's been in, my favorite would be Flatliners.

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    I'm surprised by how many of these movies I haven't seen. Of the ones I have seen, I liked Mystic Pizza, Pretty Woman, Sleeping With the Enemy (loved that adorable little house she lived in when she escaped to Iowa and the drama teacher boyfriend.) Pelican Brief (because I loved the book), Steel Magnolias (oved the rest of the cast; I actually didn't like her in that one, thought her Southern accent sounded phony considering she is from Georgia), My Best Friend's Wedding, Conspiracy Theory (Mel Gibson and Patrick Stewart...yum!), Stepmom and Mona Lisa Smile.

    The ones I didn't like... Flatliners, Dying Young, Hook, Erin Brockovich, Pret-a-Porter, America's Sweethearts, Notting Hill, and I Love Trouble.

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    Used to be a fan, not one anymore. Too many issues for me. I know that someone's personal life should have no bearing on how you look at them as a performer, but now her performances are overshadowed by what a cheap, petty conniving person she is, IMO. Her characters in Closer and My Best Friend's Wedding was amazing because she was playing herself: someone who cheats on their mate with someone else who is also attached, or someone who was trying to steal someone else's man. Now, that's not a stretch, Julia! She also gets poor storeclerks and waiters fired just for the hell of it (or for any "slight" she thinks they person might be giving her). One restaurant hired someone back after "firing" them in front of Julia, saying they knew she was crazy and they just made sure to not have that paticular waitress working at any time Julia made reservations. I think that the characteristics that make her so memorable to watch on film also make her a completely foul person IRL. She needs help.

    With that said, I really liked her in Steel Magnolias, Sleeping with the Enemy, Pelican Brief (even though I didn't like how she tried to make it "all about Julia" when she gave Denzel his Oscar) and Pretty Woman.

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    definitely Pretty Woman

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    Help please

    I also love Julia Roberts films, I have just finished watching Erin Brokowitz on the tv, I loved her in Pretty woman, but I think my favorite is Mona Lisa's Smile. I do tend to change my mind though with every film of hers I watch.

    I need help though and it is driving me crazy, who played the male lead in Erin Brokowitz?????? I have tried all the search engines, I am usually successful when I need to know something, but I have drawn a blank with this film. I do hope someone can help.

    BTW I agree that she is one very unpersonable celebrity, lets hope she gets help quickly.

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    Petruchio, his name is Aaron Eckhart.

    I'm semi-embarrassed to admit that I've watched 27 (!) Julia Roberts movies. Out of all the ones I've seen, my favourities are probably Pretty Woman, Something To Talk About, Mona Lisa Smile, My Best Friend's Wedding, and Everyone Says I Love You. I don't think of the latter as a Julia Roberts movie, though. The two most essential Julia Roberts movies in the bunch are definitely Pretty Woman and My Best Friend's Wedding, in my opinion.

    I have to say, I sort of miss her. When will she be back onscreen, anyway?
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    I'm indifferent to her....don't love her,don't hate her...she's simply OK...

    Movies I like of hers?

    I loved "Sleeping with the Enemy"...great movie! (that's probably my favorite JR movie I would say)

    Steel Magnolias is good


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    Chalk me up as another non fan of Julia. I don't like her. I did enjoy Steel Magnolias, though. More for the other ladies than her. She did do a good job with that movie.
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    But I haven't see all of her films. These yes. They all weren't stellar performances but some of them were (*). I just like her for being her. She's not perfect, she's got that HUUUGE smile, and a she's a goofball. And she FINALLY found her man. What's not to like?

    The Mexican
    *Erin Brockovich
    Runaway Bride
    Conspiracy Theory
    My Best Friend's Wedding
    Something to Talk About
    I Love Trouble
    The Pelican Brief
    *Sleeping with the Enemy
    *Pretty Woman
    *Steel Magnolias
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    I've seen a number of her movies (I'll watch pretty much anything but a Stallone movie if it's free and on tv) but don't really like the shlocky sort of tripe she is better at, and she is just dreadful doing anything dramatic. I would have to say, though, that much to my huge surprise, she was pretty good in Eric Brockovich, and though I thought her acting was bland and innocuous (how can she not fade into the woodwork next to Annabeth Gish, Lili Taylor and Conchata Ferrell), I really quite liked Mystic Pizza.

    ETA: Ooh, and Vincent d'Onofrio. Man, everybody was better (and more interesting) than her in Mystic Pizza.
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