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Thread: Summer movies!

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    Howl's Moving Castle was quite good. Much better than I expected, especially since I'm not a fan of anime and the title made me think of some corny kids' movie. I'm glad that my friends practically forced me to see it with them instead of letting me go off on my own to see the Star Wars movie, because when I finally got to see Star Wars, it was pretty disappointing. And also because HMC is showing in select theaters only, whereas SW is showing, like, everywhere.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dezerii
    The only movie I'm looking forward to is Fantastic Four. I'll probably end up seeing it on my birthday.
    Fantastic Four looks ok - I'm not that into the comic books movies. It comes out the same day as Dark Water so I'll prob. go see DW this weekend. If you see FF, let me know what you think....

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