Release Date: 2005-05-13 Drama, Foreign

Set in Hamilton in 1954, the story of Ralph Walker, a 14-year-old who outran everyone's expectations in his bold quest to win the Boston Marathon. The bittersweet, comedic tale charts the path of this awkward, ninth grade Catholic school boy who has set out to make a miracle happen. Believing a miracle can save his mother's life and having been told his winning the Boston Marathon would be "a miracle," Ralph begins training to win the famed race. Only after seeing his resolve and temerity, a conflicted Father Hibbert trains the boy through his triumphant win at a local race and prepares him for the ultimate challenge.
Cast: Campbell Scott , Jennifer Tilly , Adam Butcher , Gordon Pinsent , Shauna MacDonald , Tamara Hope

Director: Michael McGowan , Rene Ohashi