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Thread: Jennifer Garner is expecting!

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    Jennifer Garner is expecting!

    Mods - not sure if this should be in this forum or not, feel free to move (obviously!) Thanks!


    Jen Garner's Baby on Board

    by Marcus Errico
    May 7, 2005, 3:05 PM PT

    Jennifer Garner's next alias: mommy.

    The Alias star is expecting her first child, E! Online and E! News have confirmed.

    Multiple sources close to Garner and beau Ben Affleck say the actress is three months along. News of the pregnancy comes just two weeks after several published reports claimed the couple were engaged.

    According to E! Online columnist Ted Casablanca, Affleck flew Garner's kin from West Virginia to California in April for his leading lady's 33rd birthday party. The question subsequently was popped in private, Casablanca reported.

    At the time Affleck's rep, Ken Sunshine, described said reports as "garbage." On Saturday, Sunshine declined to address the baby news, saying "I never comment on [Affleck's] personal life." There was no immediate word from Garner's camp on the pregnancy or whether a ceremony was in the offing.

    Despite having a baby on board, Garner is still keeping to her schedule this summer. Her next big-screen project, Columbia Pictures' romantic drama Catch and Release, begins its two-month shoot next week in Vancouver. The film costars Kevin Smith, Juliette Lewis and Timothy Olyphant and marks the directorial debut of Erin Brockovich screenwriter Susannah Grant.

    But Garner's November due date could prove tricky for the Alias brain trust. While ABC's spy thriller is wrapped for the season (the finale airs May 25), the show has been picked up for the fall and is slated to resume production in July. Now, producers must decide how to deal with Garner's pregnancy, either by incorporating it into the show (remember, Sydney's eggs were harvested last season) or just try to hide it. Then again, considering the show's sky-high slinky outfit-to-episode ratio, a burgeoning belly would be hard to conceal. Further complicating matters, Garner performs most of her own stunts.

    Affleck, 32, and Garner costarred on screen together before coupling off--he was Daredevil to her Elektra in 2003's Daredevil. (His cameo in this year's Elektra wound up on the cutting-room floor, but is preserved for posterity on the DVD.)

    They finally went public with their much-rumored romance last fall at the World Series, when she was spotted snuggling Red Sox diehard Affleck at Boston's Fenway Park. Their pairing was alternately dubbed Garfleck and Bennifer II.

    But unlike the original Bennifer tandem of Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, the all-new edition prefers to fly under the radar. The World Series appearance aside, Garner and Affleck have generally managed to eschew being photographed together at red-carpet events.

    Garner was previously married to Felicity costar Scott Foley. They split in 2003, and their divorce was finalized in March 2004. They didn't have any children.

    The never-wed Affleck previously was engaged to Lopez. That relationship ended with the scuttling of their September 2003 nuptials.

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    I am at the thought of that insipid moron (Affleck) passing his useless genes on to another human being.
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    Now what makes everyone thinks that the father is Ben Affleck, I mean this is Hollywood....

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    Can Ben Asslick please go home already?

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    good god - i guess he's stuck with this jennifer for awhile, eh?

    oh well, at least it should be one beautiful baby. and hey - it could've been much worse - he could've knocked up j-lo. *shiver*
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    Geez, even Britney Spears waited until she was married to reproduce.

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    If Affleck Yoko Ono's my favorite show, I'm cracking skulls!
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