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Thread: Crash - 5/06

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    Thanks Amy,
    I've no idea who they voted for the winner but, I do wish Mat had one. Yeah, I'll drive enough people in my life to the point where they will watch it. I tend to do that . : ) someone has to. Great movie and as I said somewhere my boyfriend was tired and was in and out of watching it and because of that, missed it. You really do have to watch it without missing anything as someone posted here somewhere. I just like how we all have different perspectives because of different upbringings and other reasons. Great movie. I'd give it an Oscar....... for the screenplay. Brave people that made the final decision to come out with it. I think so anyway.
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    I finally got to see this last week when I took a trip to see a friend in another city. I was literally behind the couch peeking over at the TV in one part - I don't like violence and I was afraid of what I would see.

    I would absolutely recommend this movie to anyone. Words can't even describe how it made me feel. Hands down the best movie I've seen this year. Wonderful cast, and so thought provoking. I bought it yesterday and I'm going to force my family to see it with me.

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    Crash surprised me, and it was one of the best movies I've seen in years. Thandie Newton was a standout.

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    Really liked the movie, the acting was great. The film I think left me with a sense of everything turn out ok in the end. It just seemed that a couple of the stories could have ended with a more dramatic outcome. I think that the message the film was trying to send didn't get through because of these endings.

    There are two in particular. I think the film could have been more powerful if these two stories hadn't of ended on a happy note.

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    I loved this movie, but the only thing that started to grate on my nerves was over-use of the F-bomb. I'm a trash-mouth myself, but even I don't use the f-word that frequently, lol. It almost ruined the movie for me. They were talking about language in movies the other day on the radio, & this movie had the f-word in it 99 times!
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