Release Date: 5/6/2005 Comedy, Drama Rated: NR Runtime: 1 hr 38 mins

A comedy of love, romance, and expectation set at a bridal shower. It is the morning of the celebration, and Alex, a chef, is put out by her own excessive efforts to host the perfect shower for her friend. She is also struggling with her somewhat tangled relationship with the happy bride-to-be, April. One by one, the eclectic guests trickle into Alex's house, bringing their own comedic insecurities and peculiar life situations with them. When April arrives, it becomes clear that the secret Alex is hiding will affect not only the course of her life, but that of almost everyone at the bridal shower. When Alex unveils her secret, it soon forces the crazed crowd to re-examine their own lives.
Cast: Trish Doolan , Denise Miller , Maria Cina , Molly Cheek , Samantha Lemole , Euan MacDonald , Joe Tabanella , Gina Philips

Director: Trish Doolan , Kristian Bernier