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Thread: A Lot Like Love - 4/22

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    A Lot Like Love - 4/22

    Release Date: 4/22/2005 Romantic Comedy Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1 hr 47 mins

    From Hollywood.com
    A young man and woman meet on a cross-country flight. Oliver is a brand new college graduate with an airtight timeline for attaining his dreams of both business success and finding true love. Emily is a bold, free spirit drawn to spontaneity and wild extremes. Two different choices, two incompatible views on life. They may have hooked up for a brief moment, but Oliver and Emily clearly donít belong together. Or do they? Though they both move on, Oliver and Emily nevertheless canít quite seem to completely let go. As the two bump into each other, year after year, in city after city, through changing careers and different relationships, there always seems to be plenty keeping them apart. And yet, thereís also something utterly inexplicable pulling them together. Thereís something about the way they laugh together, the way they can talk to each other, the way they always seem to be there for one another when things are falling apart. So what keeps getting in the way of what could be romantic destiny? As Oliver and Emily set off on their own individual paths, they move across New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco--and down the hilariously meandering road of modern love.
    Cast: Ashton Kutcher , Amanda Peet , Ali Larter , Kathryn Hahn , Moon Bloodgood , Kal Penn

    Director: Nigel Cole , John De Borman

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    This movie is just an okay movie; If you nothing to do, then watch this. Ashton Kutcher is same old same old imo. The movie feels like its a little bit too long for the simple plot.
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    , I liked it but it was just a meh mostly. I might have really disliked it but I saw it with a bunch of girlfriends and whatnot so we still had a good time but there's something missing...maybe a plot or good dialogue to name a few :rolleyes It tries really really really hard to emulate "When Harry Met Sally" but it just can't so it mostly fails. Ashton Kutcher was totally wrong for the role imo. Amanda Peet was good and funny but completely flat and unemotional...she looks exactly like a young Courteney Cox tho Overall, I wouldn't spend 10 bucks again to see it but it's a nice movie to rent later on
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    I was thinking about catching the movie but after hearing reviews from you guys, i might have second thoughts...
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    I saw this movie with a group of friends over the weekend and we all actually liked it a lot. I thought that Amanda Peet was really good in the role - it was nice to see a woman in the romantic comedy role who isn't just some cookie cutter, perfect person. I liked seeing her in a little more of a "tough girl" role than her usual. I thought Ashton was funny as well, a little more offbeat than I expected. I thought it was cute and would recommend it - just another opinion...

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    I agree with Toby. I thought it was really cute. Both Ashton and Amanda came off as very appealing and likeable and had good chemistry together. I've never been a huge fan of AK, but he's grown on me recently. AP is just great in everything she does. It's not rocket science or anything, but I thought it was a nice way to spend a few hours and much better than some of the romantic comedies I've seen in the last few years.
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