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Thread: D.E.B.S. - 3/25

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    D.E.B.S. - 3/25

    I just saw this today through one of those screening services they have here in New York. I knew nothing about the film at all. Here is how the IMDB explains it:

    Hidden within the S.A.T. is a secret test that studies not a girl's reading or mathematics skill, but her potential to perform duties within the realm of espionage, like deception, physical combat and if needed, murder. Those who score high enough on this secret scale are recruited to join a secret academy where they will be trained to become spies in a paramilitary group they call... D.E.B.S. This film focuses on four of these plaid skirted debutantes as they're recruited and engage in their first mission, which is an effort to rescue one of their cohorts who has been kidnapped by the D.E.B.S. lesbian nemesis who calls herself Lucy in the Sky...
    It was cool that the two leads sat right across from me and were very cordial to everyone. Jordana is sooooo slim in person!

    As for the film, it was really a lot more fun than I thought it would be. It was basically like an extended episode of She SPies (if anyoen remembers that) or a live action Totally Spies (if anyone watches that) and was done very tongue in cheek. The humor was just out there and the actors did not take themselves seriously, so it made for a fun time. Lord knows with all that's happening at work, I needed a laugh, and a cheap one, and this movie was definately it. Definately watch it on a late night run, it will be on television shortly.

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    D.e.b.s. - 3/25

    Release Date: 3/25/2005 Action, Spy Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1 hr 30

    From Hollywood.com

    Recruited by the U.S. government for their unique abilities to lie, cheat and fight--and their exceptional SAT scores--four plaid-skirted high school girls are drafted to be secret agents. They soon become highly trained, fabulously dressed, top-secret agents, known as D.E.B.S. While on a stakeout of international master criminal Lucy Diamond, a massive shootout occurs and D.E.B.S.' star agent Amy is captured by Lucy's notoriously dangerous gang. But instead of killing Amy, Lucy asks her out. Only after escaping does Amy realize why good girls love bad girls and stages her own kidnapping and begins flirting with the dark side.
    Cast: Jill Ritchie , Sara Foster , Jordana Brewster , Devon Aoki , Meagan Good , Michael Clarke Duncan

    Director: Angela Robinson , M David Mullen
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