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Thread: The Guru (2003) - 1/31

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    The Guru (2003) - 1/31

    The Guru (2003)

    Synopsis: Ramu Gupta, a young Indian dance teacher with the best moves in Delhi embarks for New York City in pursuit of fame and fortune--only to wind up working as a waiter in an Indian restaurant. However, good fortune can arise from strange places; Ramu discovers this when a catering gig at a ditzy socialite's birthday party catapults him into an extravagant version of the American dream. Mistaken for a spiritual healer, Ramu becomes an overnight celebrity with the city's elite hanging on to his every word--no matter how absurd. The trouble is, he is also falling in love with Sharonna, an adult film star, who is the one woman who knows the real source of his seemingly profound insights. Ramu soon finds that he must choose between his newfound notoriety, and his love for a woman who accepts him as he is--unconditionally.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Drama, Romance, Romantic Comedy Rating: MPAA R: strong sexual content including dialogue, language Runtime: 91 mins. Theatrical Release: 01/31/2003

    Cast & Role
    Heather Graham - Sharonna
    Jimi Mistry Ramu - Gupta
    Marisa Tomei - Lexi
    Christine Baranski - Chantal
    Emil Marwa - Vijay
    Raahul Singh - Amit
    Tom McCarthy - Lars
    Michael McKean - Dwain

    Crew & Credit
    Daisy Von Scherler Mayer - Director
    Tim Bevan - Producer

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    I've seen the previews for this movie, and it looks kind of funny. There's even a "Grease" dance number in this movie. Weird, but funny.
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    Ahhhh...I'm a sucker for dramatic romantic comedies, (Shhhhh Don't tell anyone ). I'll think about seeing this one.

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    It looks reasonably amusing from the previews.
    I might see it if there is nothng else on I want to see.
    I'll probably rent the dvd though.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Since it was released in Europe/Asia last year, i've already seen it. It's an ok movie , but I would have rather watched it at home than in the movie theater.

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