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Thread: Worst Oscar winning films!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical
    Oh candor, I was nodding my head in agreement until you dissed The Turning Point! I LOVE that movie! Of course, I grew up in ballet and will watch anything dance-related. BUT- how can you not LOVE that glorious catfight between Shirley MacLaine and Anne Bancroft!? The first glimpes of a delicious and young Baryshnikov? I still watch it whenever it's on. I even get dorkily gushy over it, as you can see
    OK, Baryshnikov was truly babelicious, and I do admit to dating a total loser just because he looked like him. But that catfight made Dynasty look as somber as a Chekov play!
    Three signs of a cheesy movie:
    1. There's a totally unbelievable argument/public spectacle (the restaurant fight in Shoot the Moon, the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally).
    2. There's a gratiutious scene where women dance around the house (any chick flick set in the South).
    3. There's an ending where the man or woman professes their love to each other and a bunch of strangers cheer and clap (Officer and a Gentleman and many, many more.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl
    I still harbor resentment for Titanic beating LA Confidential for best picture. Also, I *hated* The English Patient (call me Elane Benes) and Shakespeare in Love was cute, but not best picture material--nomination or winner. ITA about A Beautiful Mind and Forrest Gump. Blehhhhh....

    My thoughts EXACTLY (scary!)

    That Julia Roberts has an Oscar is unthinkable enough - that Gwennyth Platrow won for Shakespeare In Love ????? Egads - now THERE is nepotism at work :rolleyes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses
    Titanic -- absolutely hated this, what a horrendous and pompous bore. Plus, anything with Leonardo DiCaprio in it is an automatic turnoff for me.
    Loved it. I'm not ashamed to admit seeing twice in the theatres. The love story was a bit soapy but the detail of the recreation of the time and event was fantastic. Pure escapist fare. I may not have related to characters that much but I felt I was there.

    LA Confidential, a completely different style of a movie, was the other Oscar contender. I liked both equally. I can't say which is better because they're so different.

    For the record, I think the awards shouldn't be given out until ten years after the picture was made so the voters can see which movies have "legs" and can meet the test of time as a classic. Enough of this the bigger and prettier the picture the more awards or the hype vote. If you can watch a movie ten years later and not laugh out loud at the fact that it won an award, then it should have won.
    Well, that's one of weaknesses of the Oscars: it's a yearly event. Some years have better pictures than others. A Best Picture Winner won't necessarily be a classic. It was just one of the better movies that year.

    Also, again, sometimes... well, most of the time it's never about recognizing art. It's usually about who was wearing what when they got there.

    FYI, there are "expert" lists of classic movies which get updated every other year, sometimes longer. The AFI and Sight and Sound lists come to mind. I prefer the latter list, which includes more foreign titles. The "best of the best" is not always American.

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    I must admit that after reading the posts on here it occured to me that entertainment in really an individual thing. I loved Titanic, hated Lost in Translation and The English Patient. Chicago was ok only because I had seen the theater version serveral time.
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    When there's a backlash against one winner one year, the next year, the cause of the backlash will win. Take Russell Crowe for example. The man deserved to win for 'The Insider'. Since Kevin Spacey won, (albeit deservedly), the Academy rewarded Russell the next year for a decidedly less than deserved role.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candor
    Three signs of a cheesy movie:
    Hilarious...and true!

    1. There's a totally unbelievable argument/public spectacle (the restaurant fight in Shoot the Moon, the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally).
    I can't pinpoint a scene off the top of my head, but I lump those collective gasp! scenes into this category.

    For example:

    (A fight between a man and woman grows increasingly louder in a public place, such as a four-star restaurant.)

    Man stands up and shouts something like, "You can expect a call from my attorney in the morning--about the divorce!"

    (Other diners get quiet. A fork drops on a plate, clanging.)

    Woman: "Well, can I expect you to stop sleeping with that floozy you call a secretary?!"

    (Crowd has collective gasp!; mumble among themselves in surprise; stodgy old biddy shown with "O" of surprise at the language.)

    2. There's a gratiutious scene where women dance around the house (any chick flick set in the South).
    Usually in boyfriend's dress shirt, panties only, singing either Motown or cheesy 70's or 80's Top 40 hit into hairbrush...? Yeah.

    3. There's an ending where the man or woman professes their love to each other and a bunch of strangers cheer and clap (Officer and a Gentleman and many, many more.)
    Countless movies, but the one that makes me grit my teeth right now is the ad for DeBeers. The "I LOVE THIS WOMAN!" in that Italian(?) plaza is bad enough, but how about that one that takes place in Trafalgar Square in London, where he's brought her parents over ("Mom? Dad??") to sit on the steps of the National Gallery, and he RE-proposes to her, right there? Of course, the Londoners and tourists all get up and applaud.

    ETA: And for the sake of staying on topic, let me just add Gladiator to the list of disappointing Oscar films. I mean, I liked Gladiator the first time I saw it, wheeennn it was called Braveheart.
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    Your post had me rolling, phat.

    The most amusing thing about that ad is that the Londoners wouldn't get up and applaud.
    Look at the derision that met David Blaine's attempt to impress the Brits with his "sitting in a glass box" stunt.

    I have to agree with people who have mentioned Titanic.
    That film could have been half as long and twice as interesting if they;d have dispensed with half the love story crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nausicaa
    Add Gigi (dross) and My Fair Lady (floss) and hey! - we've got ourselves a party!
    Nooo! Not My Fair Lady.

    Come on. Just you wait 'Enry Iggins, just you wait! 'Tis fluff, but 'tis good fluff. Cotton candy even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belfastgirl
    Almost walked out of Chicago! Was expecting something like Moulin Rouge.
    NOW Moulin Rouge would have deserverd an oscar, it was FABULOUS. Chicago was simply dreadful and I'm sorry, but CZJ was the worst thing in it!!!
    Moulin Rouge, in my opinion, would go down as the absolute worst movie I have ever seen - I HATED it. Didn't see Chicago, but saw the stage play and it was just okay. I love the English Patient, Dances with Wolves, Shakespear in Love, The Gladiator, and Braveheart. Ordinary People was too depressing as was the Deer Hunter (but it was a good movie). Titanic - I enjoyed it, but didn't think it should have won Best Picture.

    After reading everyone's post, I have come to the conclusion that my opinions differ greatly from almost everyone else's. Guess I'm the oddball here.

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    I saw Moulin Rouge on an airplane and had to fight the urge to walk out.

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