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Thread: I'll Be There (2003) - 1/31

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    I'll Be There (2003) - 1/31

    I'll Be There (2003)

    Synopsis: Paul Keen is a former 80's pop star with dismal future prospects in life. His downward spiral is halted when he learns he has a teenage daughter, Olivia, who lives in Wales and was the product of a weekend fling. Not only does she want to meet her father, but she also wants to follow in Paul's footsteps with having a music career of her own--against the wishes of her mother.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Musical Rating: MPAA PG-13: for drug references, some sexual humor/nudity and brief language.
    Runtime: Not available Theatrical Release: 01/31/2003

    Cast & Role
    Craig Ferguson - Paul Keen
    Charlotte Church - Olivia
    Jemma Redgrave - Rebecca
    Ralph Brown
    Ian McNeice
    Stephan Noonan
    Joss Ackland
    Imelda Staunton

    Crew & Credit
    Craig Ferguson - Director
    James G Robinson - Producer

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    Haven't heard Charlotte Church sing but I hear she sings very well. Hope her career is not going the way of Mariah Carey. "Glitter" comes to mind. :rolleyes

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