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Thread: Chaos (2003) - 1/31

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    Chaos (2003) - 1/31

    Chaos (2003)

    Synopsis: Hélène and Paul are a bourgeois French couple who are constantly racing through the day to keep up with all of their obligations, barely taking the time to look at each other. As they are rushing off to an engagement, Paul and Hélène witness Malika, a young prostitute, being violently attacked by a group of men just outside of their car. As Malika is beaten and left for dead, Paul locks the doors and speeds off. Malika ends up hospitalized and in a coma. The following morning, Hélène is overwhelmed by guilt and decides to locate the woman she saw victimized. She finds Malika in the hospital and becomes determined to care for the young woman. Helene puts all of her obligations aside to be with Malika and help her recover. While caring for her, Hélène becomes aware that the pimps who attacked Malika refuse to leave her alone. So, she makes herself responsible, not only for restoring Malika's health, but also maintaining her safety. As she nurses Malika through her recovery, Hélène realizes that her life has been changed forever.

    Genre(s): Crime, Drama Rating: Not available Runtime: 112 mins.
    Theatrical Release: 01/31/2003

    Cast & Role
    Rachida Brakni - Noemie/ Malika
    Catherine Frot - Helene
    Vincent Lindon - Paul
    Line Renaud - Mamie
    Aurelien Wiik- Fabrice
    Wojciech Pszoniak- Pali
    Ivan Franek - Touki
    Chloe Lambert - Florence

    Crew & Credit
    Coline Serreau - Director
    Alain Sarde - Producer

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    Hmmm, sounds quite brutal in parts.
    Could be a touching story though.
    I think it sounds as though it could be good.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    There is a moral to this story, so I think it could be good. But I don't think I can handle the brutality that is described.

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