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Thread: Hitch - 2/11

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    Hitch - 2/11

    Release Date: 2/11/2005 Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy Rated: PG-13 Runtime: 1 hr 55 mins
    From Hollywood.com
    A dating doctor claims that with his services he can match anyone with their soulmate in just three dates. When a jaded tabloid journalist sets out to expose him as a scam artist, the two find themselves falling in love.
    Cast: Will Smith , Eva Mendes , Kevin James , Robinne Lee , Julie Ann Emery , Amber Valletta

    Director: Andrew Tennant

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    Eugh. Once upon a time the most annoying cinematic actor in the world and the worst sitcom actor in the world set out to make a Romantic Comedy in time for Valentiens day. Too bad for them, people don't like cocky jerks and ugly people.

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    Hey! I like Will Smith. I'm looking forward to this movie.

    (Nice new avatar ANTM!)

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    Haha thanks!

    I dunno, I just think the Fresh Prince should stick to ... I dunno. Sometimes he 'hits' sometimes he 'misses'. I guess recently he's been under a dry-spell in my mind and a Romantic Comedy isn't his best bet.

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    I remember thinking from previous trailers I've seen in theater's and thought it's going to be a big hit. I'm not sure if it's going to be now, because all of the TV spots keep showing the same clip over and over and over ...

    I have high hopes for this one, myself. Though, it seems like all of the big comedic bits will be at the beginning while he helps other men out, while the parts while he struggles to get his dream girl (or whatever) will leaving us wanting more.

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    It does look like a funny movie, but there is a big possibility that it's not all that funny. I'll probably wait to see it on video.

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    Okay.... I'm becoming the queen of Friday afternoon matinees.

    Saw this at 3pm today and.... meh. There were certainly some very cute parts and Will Smith is his charming self but... I just got the feeling that they just tried too hard. This is not the "laugh a minute" movie that they're trying to make it out to be; not even the scenes from the commercials.

    I think what really ruined it for me is the fact that Eva Mendes is just not a good actress. She's absolutely beautiful, but she's a step above Cindy Crawford in the acting department.

    And... for you Bachelorette fans out there.... Will Smith actually uses the very same speech that Ben used in the first episode this season.

    Overall, it was a good movie but don't go into it expecting to laugh hysterically. It's another charming romantic comedy... that's it. But I actually liked "The Wedding Date" better. JMO.

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    Reality tv fan
    Saw this on the weekend....

    Great little date movie....love Will Smith, and he's got great chemistry with Eva Mendes in this movie. Lots of laughs especially from Kevin James, who was just hilarious. Fun movie with a good cast including model Amber Valleta.

    I totally recommend this one.

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    I found Hitch a decent movie. Will Smith is a nice guy but he's kind of annoying sometimes, reccomend people seeing it on dvd but in the big screens its just not worth it to me.

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    the dance scene was a cracker!!!
    all-round good film...

    don't know who it is that played COLE, but damn...she looks a lot like Cameron Diaz...
    ah heck....there were plenty of beautiful extras in the movie!!!

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