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Thread: The Boogeyman - 02/04/05

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    The Boogeyman - 02/04/05

    From Hollywood.com
    The Boogeyman
    Release Date: 2/4/2005 Horror

    A young man traumatized by terrible childhood memories returns home to face fears that could or could not be figments of his imagination.

    Cast: Emily Deschanel , Barry Watson , Lucy Lawless , Tory Mussett , Skye McCole Bartusiak

    Director: Stephen T Kay

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    Reality tv fan
    Looks scary...lots of creepy movies out right now.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    This looks like it could either be really good or really bad, no middle ground.

    I'm interested enough after seeing a couple of trailers to go and see it at the theatre, unless of course I hear negative comments about it before then.

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    Well Fluff, you might want to pass on this one:
    'Boogeyman' takes horror to a new low

    By Wesley Morris, Globe Staff | February 5, 2005

    ''Boogeyman" is a horror film whose only scare is that it was made at all. Why it exists is no mystery: People like stupid horror movies, if not in movie theaters, then on DVD. And the people who make them like to bask in the profits. But as with so many stupid horror movies in these post-''Scream" times, this one is at such a creative loss that all it can do is make its audience feel duped for having purchased a ticket.

    People will surely come expecting fright, only to realize the film consists of 90 minutes of Barry Watson lurching through the sort of big, rural, gothic, empty house you get only in stupid horror films. They will leave having no idea why.
    here's the rest of the review: http://www.boston.com/ae/movies/arti..._to_a_new_low/

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    If barry's in it its good enough for me, although there have been quite a lot of negative comments about this movie. Although can't find those sites again its quite easy to find reviews for this movie.

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    Has anybody here dared to go see this one? My friends are wanting me to go catch it with them, but I don't think it looks so good and refuse to go till I hear any firsthand feedback about it. Honestly, my gut tells me that I'll be passing on it and I'll just meet them for dinner after the movie.

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