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Thread: Alexandra's Project - 1/14/05

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    Alexandra's Project - 1/14/05

    Alexandra's Project

    Release Date: 1/14/2005 Foreign, Thriller Rated: NR Runtime: 1 hr 43 mins

    Steven's birthday promises to be a particularly happy day, because he has finally gotten his much-sought-after promotion. Steven sets off on his homeward journey bearing the good news. He drives out to the suburb where he lives, looking forward to the party Alexandra, his wife, is sure to have organized for him. However, when he gets home, the house is strangely quiet. After searching the darkened rooms in vain for party guests, Steven finally comes across a video tape with the words "play me" written on it. It's a tape of Alexandra with a gun pointed at her head. Steve grabs the phone in panic, but the line is dead. He tries to leave for help, but now his keys no longer fit the lock and the security system has locked him indoors. Now alone, and a prisoner in his own house, he has no choice other than to watch the tape to the end.

    Cast: Gary Sweet , Helen Buday , Bogdan Koca

    Director: Rolf De Heer , Ian Jones

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    Sounds interesting, but I wonder what's going to happen?

    I mean, it appears as if she's going to commit suicide, so wouldn't she just pull the trigger, and... then what?

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    Wow .. very interesting plot kinda reminds me of Saw. Hopefully the ending isn't going to be like another Saw ending.

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