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Thread: Meet The Fockers - 12/22

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    I finally saw it and loved it! No major laughs but there is non-stop laughs throughout.

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    i saw this last friday

    i liked it, but i agree the first one was a lot better

    i liked hoffman/stresisand as the parents though

    and the baby was funny

    as was the truth serum scene---i couldnt stop laughing

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    Link Here

    Teri Polo Set for Third 'Fockers' Film

    Tue Jan 30, 7:33 PM ET

    Teri Polo is set to reprise her role as Ben Stiller's wife in "Meet the Little Focker," the third installment of the movie franchise. "I think he cast me in the role because I play a great straight man," she said. "Actually, I think I'm funnier off-camera."

    Polo worked with Robert DeNiro in the 2004 sequel, "Meet the Fockers," and in 2000 in the original "Meet the Parents."

    "I literally glued myself to his side because I didn't know if I ever was going to get this opportunity again," she said of their collaboration. "I asked him what was more difficult comedy or drama and it surprised me when he said it's basically the same thing. It's all in the way you deliver the line."

    Polo, a 37-year-old divorced mother of a young son, can next be seen playing a cynical divorce attorney who finds love with her legal opposition in "Love is a Four Letter Word," airing Saturday on the Hallmark Channel.

    Love and marriage are recurring themes for Polo's projects this year. She plays one of three sisters running a wedding-planning business on the upcoming Fox series "The Wedding Bells," written by David E. Kelley.

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