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Thread: Meet The Fockers - 12/22

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkinlady
    I can't stand Barbra Streisand in real life so I was afraid she'd ruin the movie for me... she didn't. I have to give props to her for a job well done.
    Same here. I can't stand her either, but she was good in the movie. too bad in real life she's not as cool as her character!

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    I HAD to see this when it came out which was Wednesday....
    And double yay to the 12 plex that is just up 2 blocks from where I am at!
    Movie had an INTERESTING begining and the jokes presented did make ME laugh....... but did it par up to the original? I hate to say NO but the movie did make an attempt to do it though......... Hoffman & Streisand did pair up nicely as Stiller's parents in the movie. And I thought Deniro's nephew was a great too also. I was stoke to see 2 cameo appearances from 2 ppl from the first film and saddend to see "1" family member M.I.A. :phhht
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    I thought this was funny , but then I was expecting good things. DeNiro was wonderful as the straight man. I have seen Hoffman be funnier , but he was ok. Streisand was great, and as parents they both provided some oh so squirmy embarassing moments we all could somehow relate to.

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    I never saw Meet the Parents even though I've heard it's funny. I have to say that whoever was in charge of creating the previews for Meet the Fockers did an awful job. The preview that ran throughout December left me with zero desire to see this movie. I'm glad to hear it's actually worth seeing.

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    I saw this movie over Christmas time. I thought it was pretty good, not as funny as the first one but definitely a trip to the theater for. I am not normally a Streisand fan but she was surprisingly funny and likable in this role. I was really happy to see the return of my favorite character from Meet the Parents make a special cameo at the end!

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    I thought this movie was a riot. I couldn't stop laughing. Hoffman and Striesand were brilliant. It was just as good as the first one.

    My favorite part was when Greg woke up with the card on his chest.

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    I saw this movie with my mom....VERY AWKWARD.

    I thought it was very funny; DeNiro was very good, and Ben Stiller was just as funny. Overall, I thought the first one was a bit more entertaining though.
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    Meet the parents was great I'm looking forward to watching Meet the fockers. You Have to watch Meet the parents to know why the sequal is called Meet the fockers because my friend hasn't seen the first one and he was like why the hell would they call any movie meet the fockers.

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    Saw this yesterday, and I don't believe I have ever been in the theater with so many people who were dying laughing the whole time. It was a riot! You definitely have to like this sort of humor, and I think that if you had never seen the first one you may not like it so much. But I laughed and laughed the whole time - it was very enjoyable. The Focker parents and the kid were great additions to an already excellent cast.
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    All the Snowflakes went to see this over the holidays and had a total blast. We were all hysterical laughing, and in the time since we've seen it, keep referencing moments and jokes from the film--in our family, the sign of a successful comedy. Good stuff!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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