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Thread: Meet The Fockers - 12/22

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    Love the first one, hope the second one won't be bad

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    Streisand is brilliant as a comedic actress. I wonder why she didn't do way more in her career. I thought it was going to be great when I heard they had cast her . Looking forward to seeing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueyz28
    A friend I work with saw it last week (she's friends with a movie reviewer and goes to A LOT of sneak previews). She said that it is HILARIOUS!!! She said that it is as good (if not better) than the first one. She said that Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman are GREAT as Greg's parents.

    I trust her judgement so I can't wait to see it!!!
    My girlfriend has said the same thing, blueyz. Her comment:

    It was hilarious. Enjoyed every minute of it. I think it was better then Meet the Parents. Especially with Barbra and Dustin. Never thought she could look good looking tacky. She even let her boobs puff out. It's one of those very entertaining movies and I recommend it.

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    Just got back from seeing it....I laughed so hard I'm still wiping my eyes thinking about some of it. It is great!!!! (Of course, you have to appreciate that type of humor )

    Dustin and Barbara were perfectly cast as the parents....If you liked the first one, you will definitely like this one!

    Okay, these parts had me especially laughing (don't read if you don't want to be spoiled):

    Click to see Spoiler:
    the foreskin falling into the fondue and the whole story about his "little turtle" during his circumcision....the word "ass-hooole" from the baby's mouth....the kitty flushing the dog and the dog turning all blue....

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    I can't wait to see this. Just to see the scene with the dog.
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    i know i'll eventually watch this movie. so far, i hear the critic reviews aren't so good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toby
    I can't wait to see this one!!! I saw an interview with the whole cast on Dateline or one of those shows and they looked like they all had really good chemistry. I have seen Meet the Parents a bunch and it is still one of my fave comedies. I haven't heard much in terms of reviews, but I bet it will be really good
    I saw the interview with the whole cast, too. Something Dustin said was so endearing.....I'm paraphrasing here....but the gist of it was that loooong ago, he and Barbra were in an acting class together, and apparently knew each other pretty well, and he had no idea she could sing. Someone mentioned she was going to be singing somewhere, he went and saw her, and he said she was so amazing he "wept" at the sound of her voice. It brought tears to my eyes just hearing him relate the story. Sounds like they all had a blast making the movie.
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    Saw the movie the first day it was out. All I can say is don't listen to the critics who disliked the movie. It's hilarious!!! I'll second those parts mentioned by Igotalife as being comedic highlights of the movie.

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    We saw this last night. I was skeptical going in b/c of the bad reviews.
    After seeing it though, I don't know why it's getting bad reviews. I think critics just like to be contrary sometimes! I liked it & thought it was better than the first one!

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    Also saw it the first day it was out. It is not high brow art. It is hilariously funny.

    My husband was hooting in the theater and he's not one to really do that in the movies.

    I thought Ben's speech was hilarious, but I didn't buy why he was acting like that... trying to not give anything away.

    Loved the RV.

    I thought Dustin Hoffman was brilliant. They were the perfect foil to RD and BD.

    I can't stand Barbra Streisand in real life so I was afraid she'd ruin the movie for me... she didn't. I have to give props to her for a job well done.

    How about when R Deniro gets out of the show and DH is sitting on the toilet.

    I was amazed at that baby. I have no idea how they got that cutie to do all of that stuff on cue. If he didn't look so real I would have sworn he was computer generated.

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