Release Date: 12/17/2004 Drama, Foreign

Long haunted by the memory of a passionate love affair that ended in tragedy, Dr Timoteo Rossi is forced to confront his past when Angela, his teenage daughter, goes into a coma after a near fatal accident and he has time to weigh up the value of her life, and ultimately his. This spark leads us into his past affair with Italia, a tender but damaged soul who works as a hotel maid, and on whom Timoteo risks his marriage to Elsa, a beautiful journalist. Seemingly unaware of her husbandís affair, Elsa lets Timoteo lead his double life, until that is, she gets pregnant and he has to make a choice, a decision that will break both his and Italiaís hearts. However, Angela, the light of his life, was born from this tragic tale and it is she who has made his life worth living.
Cast: Penelope Cruz , Sergio Castellitto , Claudia Gerini , Marco Giallini , Elena Perino

Director: Sergio Castellitto