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Thread: Amen 01/24

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    Amen 01/24

    From Hollywood.com

    Amen (2003)

    Synopsis: Two systems: the Nazi machine versus the Vatican and Allied diplomacy. Two men are struggling from the inside: On one side, Kurt Gerstein, a real-life chemist and SS officer, supplies the death camps with zyklon B while he tirelessly denounces the crimes and alerts the Allies, the Pope, the Germans and their churches of their murderous policy against the European Jews. Kurt does this at his own risk, and at the risk his family's welfare and safety. On the other side, Ricardo Fontana, a young Jesuit, is a fictitious character who represents all the priests, who were determined to struggle against savagery; many of them paying for their courage with their lives. Countless priests, some known, others anonymous, were simply not content to live with the silence of their church's hierarchy vis--vis the Nazi machine.

    Rating: Not available
    Runtime: 130 mins.

    Cast & Role

    Ulrich Tukur -- Kurt Gerstein
    Mathieu Kassovitz -- Riccardo Fontana
    Ulrich Muhe -- The Doctor
    Michel Duchaussoy -- The Cardinal
    Ion Caramitru -- Count Graf Fontana
    Marcel Iures -- The Pope
    Friedrich Von Thun Mr Gerstein--Kurt's Father
    Schmidt Antje -- Mrs Gerstein

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    Sounds pretty intense , but I'd rather watch light-hearted movies at the theatre.

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    Me too.
    Sometimes you just need to take a little break form the more intense ones.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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