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Thread: Christmas With The Kranks - 11/26

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    Christmas With The Kranks - 11/26

    Adaptation, Comedy, Holiday Rated: PG Runtime: 1 hr 34 mins

    From Hollywood.com

    After faithfully and happily celebrating Christmas their entire lives, and with their daughter Blair in Peru to serve a stint in the Peace Corps, Luther and Nora Krank are facing the prospect of a very lonely holiday. One blustery Chicago night, Luther glances longingly at an alluring poster in a travel agency window and pictures himself and Nora basking in the glow of the sun on a Caribbean cruise. Though Nora is at first reluctant about going away for the holidays, she soon warms up to the idea. But when their neighbors find out, they are aghast, especially local busybody Vic Frohmeyer. To make matters worse, Luther refuses to put his illuminated Frosty the Snowman on his rooftop. Hemlock Street is famous for it and has won numerous contests sponsored by the local newspaper. The battle of wits between the Kranks and their neighbors quickly escalates, threatening the harmony of the community and, yes, the spirit of Christmas itself. Then, without warning, Luther and Nora get a call from Blair. She is coming home for Christmas afterall and now the Kranks have less than twenty-four hours to get themselves and all the families on Hemlock Street back in the proper Christmas spirit.
    Cast: Tim Allen , Jamie Lee Curtis , Dan Aykroyd , Cheech Marin , Jake Busey , M Emmet Walsh

    Director: Joe Roth

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    I saw this movie a couple of days ago.

    Great adaption of John Grisham's book Skipping Christmas.

    It is a highly cheesy movie but I really enjoyed it.
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    saw this movie today.

    wow...this was one of the worst movies i've seen in a while. there wasn't even one bit, which i thought was okay, throughout the whole movie all i could be is like :rolleyes i've seen those type of family movies before, but this has to be the worst of them all. not funny, also i really don't see anything so wow because it's christmas season. i really DO NOT reccoment it.

    rating... 0.5/5

    *my comments, my opinions*

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    While I didn't hate it THAT much, I didn't think this was anything special... it's a movie I might watch if it was on TV at Christmas, but I wouldn't rent it or buy it when it comes out on DVD... I couldn't stand where Tim Allen gets the botox and can't chew or swallow his food.... that part disgusted me in the ads, and in the actual movie... why anyone enjoys watching food come out of people's mouths is beyond me :rolleyes

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    I haven't seen this movie but my brother and sister in law went to see it last weekend. She really wanted to see it; he did not. The result? She hated it; he thought it was okay. Basically, her expectations were so high that the movie did not live up, and he thought it would suck big-time, and it wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it would be. So I guess your reviews might depend on your thoughts going into the movie....

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    Agree, not as great as the previews, I was surprised it was a Grisham book. Curtis did a GREAT job in it though I thought.
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