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Thread: National Treasure - 11/19

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    I liked the movie even though it got really silly at parts. I thought the sidekick was borderline annoying. I really dislike people who go "duuuuh, I didn't understand one word you just said!" when they could just ask more questions and try to understand. I know having a lengthy discussion and explanation of some historical event wouldn't fit in the movie, but that fact doesn't get the sidekick off the hook. I guess I'm different than most people, because the part where he hugs the statue made most people in the theater laugh and made me wince. A lot of plot points made little sense and some were awful coincidental:

    Click to see Spoiler:
    It's interesting that it took Cage so long to find Charlotte but yet found the rest of the clues in so short a time (days). What a coincidence that Cage hit metal 2 inches away from the word "Charlotte" when digging for the ship! The interior of the ship should have been filled with water/ice after all this time "drifting", no matter what the sidekick says about semisolid masses. The treasure room would have been found long ago by engineers, especially considering a subway track was built close enough for them to feel the shaking of the passing trains. There were more but I've forgotten them. I realize this is a "sit back and enjoy" kind of movie, but I couldn't help but wince at some of the flagrant problems in the plot.

    Considering all that I still think it was a fun movie, with interesting good plot points (the trick that Cage's father pulls on the baddies at the end had me fooled, too) and I would recommend it to anyone that likes adventure flics!
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    I saw this movie last week and I thought it was just okay. It seemed really cheesy in some parts and I just had a hard time believing that Nicholas Cage was a historian and treasure hunter. I felt like this movie was trying to be like the book The Da Vinci code in America.

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    We saw this yesterday and thought it was really good, enjoyed it very much! There were a few parts that were hard to believe, but it was also very creative. I loved Diane Kruger's accent. Hated Nic Cage's makeup, though, it was too much!
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    I just saw this movie today, and it was fantastic!
    It is an action movie with good clean fun, mystery, and intrigue.

    Forget about analyzing all the little things. Just enjoy it.
    The movie is entertaining from beginning to end.

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    I hate bumping old movie threads, but I saw this last night (finally) in theaters, and it was REALLY good. Sure, it was cheesy and formulaic. But it was funny, and a good ride.

    Well worth the money.

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    I saw you bumped this thread, and wanted to chime in that it we rated it worth the babysitter. Nicholas Cage really grates on me, but I didn't mind him in this movie (except when he tried to banter, he just couldn't carry it off).

    I'll take a good adventure story over a tearjerker any day.
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    I ended up seeing this on Christmas and completely enjoyed it. It was just what I was in the mood for. As long as you don't think too hard, it was great.

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    Saw it New Year's day with the kids. They loved it. I thought it was pretty good.
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    Finally got to this at the cheap ($2) theatres. Took the kids and we all really enjoyed it. A good, clean ride. Riley, the geeky but goofy sidekick, was the definite favorite.

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    Hey hey! So what that I'm months behind with this whole "movie" thing? I just bought this on DVD a few days ago, as I'd heard lots of good reviews, and National Treasure didn't disappoint one bit--I loved it! It had a great adventurous, Indiana Jones-esque mood, and watching the characters figure out the clues was fascinating to sit back and watch.

    Great story, great characters, not embarrassing to watch in mixed company, well-done . . . a great, feel-good film.

    Now I'm off to treasure hunt.

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