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Thread: Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason - 11/12/04

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    Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason - 11/12/04

    Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason

    from Hollywood.com

    Release Date: 11/12/2004
    Adaptation, Comedy, Sequel
    Rated: R
    Runtime: 1 hr 48 mins

    Plot: Bridget Jones is blissful and besotted in the arms of gorgeous lawyer Mark Darcy. Mark is accomplished, supportive and tolerant of (nearly) all of Bridget's tiny jealousies--why wouldn't every woman in London, including Mark's new long-legged, drop-dead gorgeous, "I-always-say-the-right-thing-at-all-times" intern, want to lure him away from the plumpish, opinionated, sometimes inappropriate Bridget? With the entry of the leggy threat, Bridget's pink clouds begin to turn gray as her attacks of self-doubt sorely test her relationship with Darcy. And just when it seems that the waters couldn't get any more choppy, Bridget's former boss, womanizing heartthrob Daniel Cleaver, sails into view. Ms. Jones careens from embarrassing situation to romantic misunderstanding, still managing to muddle through in this continuation of the trials and tribulations of the working woman who has become the symbolic heroine of 'singletons' everywhere.

    Cast: Renee Zellweger , Colin Firth , Hugh Grant , Jacinda Barrett , Morne Botes , Jim Broadbent , James Callis

    Director: Beeban Kidron , Adrian Biddle

    Producer: Debra Hayward , Liza Chasin , Tim Bevan , Eric Fellner , Jonathan Cavendish , Laura Hopper

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    i thought it was pretty funny.....the first one was better i guess, but this one was funnier imo

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    The reviews were quite bad so I didn't have high hopes. But I ended up really liking it. It was funny and sweet - obviously not as good as the first one (they never are) but still quite good.
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    Just got back from seeing this movie and not really sure how I feel.

    If I hadn't read the 2nd book like 50 times I probably would have loved it. So, if you haven't read the book and loved the first movie you will adore this one.

    If you have read the book ---- you might be sorely dissapointed in the parts that in changes or totally omits.

    Hugh Grant and Colin Firth fighting again was highly entertaining.

    Jacinda was great ---- but they totally messed up the story line with her and Mark Darcy's coworker. I wish that they had left that story as it was and given her more lines as she could have played it so well.

    All in all from me

    But if you haven't read the book it will probably be a movie
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    I thought it was pretty sweet. Definitely not as good as the first, but I enjoyed it (and no, I haven't read the book. )

    ***** spoiler alert (but not really) *******

    The thing that kept bothering me (and bothers me in most movies) is the freaking disappearing purse thing that Bridget had going on. She jumped in cabs incessantly without a purse (excuse me, but women in skimpy dresses have no pockets to carry money... and taxis aren't free!) Then when she walks into Mark's meeting towards the end of the movie she's carrying a cute little pink purse. When he calls her out to the hallway to talk with her... it's missing. Did she drop it on the floor behind her? What???

    I hate continuity problems.
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    I loved the book. I loved the first movie. So I expect to go see this with high expectations, be disappointed, and not really care. As long as Colin Firth gets a lot of screen time, I probably won't be complaining.
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    I saw this movie over the weekend and I have read both books. This movie was just not that great. If you have read the book you will realize it does not really follow the story at all. It had it's funny points and it's worth watching but it is no where near the first one.

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    Love it! Not as good as the book but I still love it. Where can I find Mark Darcy? LOL

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    I've read both books & I had to accept the fact that the movies are completely different from the books. Once I had realized this fact, I absolutely LOVED the movies and the second movie was just as good, if not better, than movie #1.
    I loved it... :-)

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    I loved the first movie, and thought the second was pretty good, but there were some elements missing in the second that were in the first movie. Specifically, I missed seeing more of her friends, more of the journaling, and more ancillary plots, e.g. the bit in the first movie about her mum & dad and their marriage problems. I think those elements help make the characters more real.

    I did like the fact that they streamlined the book considerably. I read the first one straight through. But for the second, I had to put down for a while & take a breather due to the absurdity of some parts--the combination of the contractor situation, the death threat/bullet in mailbox, AND the Thai jail were just too much for me. Plus the Uncle Geoffrey situation....all a tad much. I did like great big parts of the second book though, and wished they'd put more of the Giles story in the movie.

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