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Thread: Your favorite indie movies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by candor
    My Own Private Idaho/Drugstore Cowboy (Gus Van Sant)
    Oh my... just noticed this one from your first post and I had to giggle.

    That movie always comes up when I talk about the WORST SEX SCENE EVER!

    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amanda
    One of my all-time favorite movies ever was Buffalo '66, directed by Vincent Gallo.
    Talk about one of the worst sex scenes ever...Gallo's new movie...Brown Bunny.

    Yikes! Long, boring movie, utterly bizarre, with an NC-17 sex scene at the end which, in my humble opinion, only served the purpose of showing off Mr. Gallo's ample assets.

    I do still want to see Buffalo '66 though, if only to see why in the world people were looking forward to his second movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarlett530
    I liked "Welcome to the Dollhouse." "Ghost World" is one of my favorites.
    I guess Napoleon Dynamite will get a lot of nods here. But give me those two geek-centric movies ahead of Napoleon any day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geek the girl
    American Splendour
    Toby Radloff is my favourite bigscreen geek of all time! Three words: Pina colada jellybeans.

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    Welcome to the Dollhouse
    Ghost World
    Like Water For Chocolate

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    I enjoyed watching ghost world. Not the best movie but it is definately not the worse.

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