Release Date: 10/29/2004 Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi

In a near-future world, environmental damage causes flash ice ages and gravity loss, and people who experience devastating grief and loneliness are susceptible to a fatal disease that suddenly freezes the heart--transforming them into human carnage that collects on street corners and airport escalators. On a business trip, John stops over in New York City to sign divorce papers at the request of his ex-wife-to-be, world-famous ice-skating star, Elena. Her enormous entourage greets him warmly, but the kindly looking patriarch of the clan has a malevolent plan of appalling proportions that endangers the lives of John and Elena.
Cast: Claire Danes , Joaquin Phoenix , Douglas Henshall , Margo Martindale , Alun Armstrong , Mark Strong

Director: Thomas Vinterberg , Anthony Dod Mantle