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Thread: Settlers (2003) - 1/15

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    Settlers (2003) - 1/15

    Settlers (2003)

    Synopsis: Tension mounts to the boiling point as Jewish "settlers" encroach upon the formerly exclusive Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem. On the other end of the Israeli political spectrum, the state complies with international demands to relinquish territory to the Palestinians. Such schizophrenic splits only fuel the flames. In the intense heat of these conflicts, the camera captures two unforgettable subjects: Ali and Dov. Ali is a Palestinian parolee--convicted of planting a bomb during the Six Day War--who leads radical anti-Zionist tours of former "terrorist sites" throughout the land. Dov is an expatriated American Hassidic zealot and talk-radio host, who provides his former Brooklyn neighbors with the news from Hebron, broadcast live via cell phone. The fragmented Israeli/Palestinian society is mirrored by the emotional unraveling of both men, as their personal demons threaten to destabilize the fragile truce they have made for themselves. While both Ali and Dov hope for peace, reminders of war echo in their voices and in the streets.

    Genre(s): Documentary Rating: Not available Runtime: 63 mins.
    Distributor(s): First Run Features Theatrical Release: 1/15/2003

    Cast & Role
    Ali -- Himself
    Dov Shurin -- Himself

    Sean McAllister

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    Wow, this sounds like it would be pretty intense. Does anyone know if it will be widely released?

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    I've never heard of this one, but since it is a documentary and I doubt that it will be a widely release. It didn't state in the site, though, that it was a limited release. When I first saw Ali, I thought it was Muhammed Ali.

    It does sound intense, but I wouldn't watch a documentary in the theatre. I'll watch documentaries at home (when there is absolutley nothing else for me to do or watch). Unless it's a Navy SEALs documentary, then I'll watch it at any time.

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    Hmmm, my local theatre reserves two screens on Monday night's for this type of movie so it might actually be shown there.
    I can't imagine it will get a wide release though, even if it did I don't think many people would go to see it.
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