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Thread: Big Shot's Funeral (2003) - 1/17

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    Big Shot's Funeral (2003) - 1/17

    Big Shot's Funeral (2003)

    Synopsis: Don Tyler is a world famous film director whose work has brought him a lifetime of accolades. Now he's in Beijing shooting an epic about the last emperor of China's Qing dynasty. In the midst of shooting an intense scene, he suddenly realizes that he can't go on with the film. His self-confidence has deserted him; he hasn't the slightest idea what his film is about anymore. He turns to his cameraman, Yoyo, for advice, but the two end up in long discussions about Buddhism and death. Meanwhile, studio boss Tony is pressuring Tyler to complete the film on time to honor a contractual negotiation, with Japanese distributors, that is worth millions of dollars. Tyler's luck takes a turn for the worse when he gets sick and falls into a coma. With the help of his promoter friend, Yoyo grants Tyler his last wish--before he slips into a coma--to give him a traditional "comedy funeral" as a joyful celebration of a life well lived. But the funeral plans get way out of hand and turn into a media circus beyond control and beyond their budgets--all of which becomes quite a problem when Tyler miraculously recovers.

    Genre(s): Comedy, Foreign, Rating: MPAA PG, Runtime: Not available

    Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment
    Columbia Tristar Film Distributors International
    Theatrical Release: 01/17/2003 Video Release: Not available

    Cast & Role
    Donald Sutherland -- Don Tyler
    Paul Mazursky -- Tony
    Ge You Yoyo
    Rosamund Kwan Lucy
    Ying Da Louis

    Feng Xiaogang

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    I'm gonna pass on this one, but I can't figure out why Donald would take on such a film?

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    Donald Sutherland, huh? Well, it's got to have some potential then. I think he is hilarious in comedy roles. I have a feeling this one will either be really funny, or completely god-aweful. I'll wait to see some clips before I commit to seeing it.

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    This is definitely an international film. When I saw Donald Sutherland's name, my first thought was that it was some other Donald Sutherland.

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    I agree with Zhora, this could be great or appalling.
    I'm leaning more towards appalling at the moment.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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